Repair Your Heavy Truck’s Body in Calgary

Calgary Heavy Truck Body Shop

Picking up a few dents and scrapes here and there on your truck is one thing. Repairing the damage that goes much beyond surface paint problems requires specialized professionals with the training, skill, and equipment that only Calgary heavy truck body shop professionals have.

If you’re in Calgary and find yourself out of luck with uncooperative body shops or want to ensure your investment remains in good shape, New West Truck Centers is your go-to spot.

Benefits of Choosing Calgary Heavy Truck Body Shop

1. Our staff is focused on delivering quality work. Calgary heavy truck body shop personnel go to great lengths to keep their body shops clean and well-organized, ensuring that the repair work is efficiently carried out and properly documented.

2. The quality of repair work isn’t just related to a shop’s cleanliness and organization. It also refers to the skill level of its staff. Calgary heavy truck body technicians have received their qualifications through the Canadian Heavy Truck Training Program, which covers various topics essential to proper repairs and maintenance.

3. Calgary heavy truck body shop personnel comprises I-CAR trained professionals who can stay up to date on the latest repair trends and processes with training courses, seminars, and conferences.

4. Calgary heavy truck body shop technicians will also help you prioritize your repairs, keeping in mind your budget, so that you’ll get the most out of the repairs and services you get.

5. Alberta’s weather conditions can take a toll on your vehicle. Hence, it is essential to look for professionals that provide top-notch craft and quality products to protect against rust, which is one major problem brought about by harsh weather conditions. Our Calgary heavy truck body shop is equipped with tools and materials designed to combat this damage.

6. Memberships with various recognized organizations are an excellent way to ensure your vehicle is kept in its most optimal and safest condition. We provide a great deal of information on how to reduce the maintenance required for your truck, even after it has been taken to a professional body shop.

7. Our fully equipped facilities include a paint booth, wash bays, and a mix room, providing you with all the essentials required to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. The paint booth at our Calgary heavy truck body shop provides you with a safe, quality paint job, so your truck will remain looking great.

8. Our paint booth can apply various coatings, including epoxy, urethane, and elastomeric coatings. That means our Calgary heavy truck body shop can provide your vehicle with the type of coating that best suits your preferences.

9. Your truck’s body is an essential aspect of its overall maintenance and safety, so it is crucial to see to it that your truck’s body is properly maintained. Our Calgary heavy truck body shop professionals are more than willing to help you with that and provide you with a wide variety of services meant to prolong the life of your truck and keep it safe.

10. We offer a wide range of services for your vehicle’s body, including frame repairs, mechanical repairs, paint prep work, and color match. Our Calgary heavy truck body shop is keen on the needs of every customer and every repair job.


We at New West Truck Centres pride ourselves in our skilled staff and availability of a large number of parts. We go above and beyond to provide the best possible service for you and your vehicle, providing you with fast, low-cost, high-quality, high-quality service.

Our Calgary heavy truck body shop provides you with a way of extending the life and usefulness of your vehicle while maintaining its great looks. Call us today at (403) 809 8097.