Recommendations for choosing the right SEO agency


 Set your digital marketing goals

To make your selection, sit down with your team, your board and your investors if they have a say. Together, set the goals you want to achieve with your SEO optimization.

Why optimize your SEO?

Next, establish how you will judge the success or failure of your SEO campaign. There are good and bad goals.

How to choose the SEO agency that suits you?

We want to be well positioned for different research around cosmetic surgery. We know they are frequently made by our target audience.

We want to increase our turnover by increasing the activity generated by our site. Internet referencing is a way to attract potential customers to turn them into active customers.

We want to increase the number of free downloads and registrations. It would be good to strengthen our internal network for this purpose.

We would like to enhance our brand awareness. If you search our name today, you will find negative reviews that come before positive remarks. For our brand image, it is important to push forward the positives. Obtaining more quality backlinks to these contents will make them regain their leading position.

Google SEO is an important source of traffic.

We just want to increase that organic traffic.

The acquisition of natural traffic is not a goal in itself. If you say, “We want more traffic because we know it converts.” Ok, your goal then is to increase your number of conversions, your income.

You want to outrank a competitor for specific keywords. Again, this is not a real goal. It will not bring you more turnovers.

We still hear: is there a digital marketing agency capable of bringing us more authority, confidence and increasing our Pagerank?

The pagerank has not been declared for years. Its closest measure today is the Citation Flow (Majestic). The Trust Flow evaluates the authority of a page and your website.

Preselecting of your agencies specialized in Search Engine Optimization

Once you have set your main objectives, it is time to select 3 to 5 providers. This can be done according to different criteria.

We want to work with an SEO consultant near us. We would like to be able to meet him easily.

We can work remotely without worry.

At first, we only have a limited budget. But once the return on investment has been proven, we can invest.

Once your criteria have been established, make your list of 3 to 5 consultants and agencies, generalists or specialists in SEO. You should then discuss with each of them.

How to find your providers?

Your network of personal and professional contacts. Your close contacts, who have already been able to work with an SEO agency, will give you a frank and sincere opinion.

Companies in your industry. If you are in charge of a cosmetic clinic, you could talk to doctors in this sector and see who accompanies them. If you own an e-commerce site, you probably know other e-merchants. Talk to them to find out which SEO they work with and if they are happy with it.

Search Engine Marketing References. On the web, you will find people recognized as SEO experts, real influencers. Some only carry out a Seo Services in Islamabad, others give you advice in the form of recommendations, and still others will take care of your entire web project. If you are a service provider yourself, you could take SEO training for a web agency with one of these references.