Reasons Why Expat Parents opt IB Programme for their Children

IB Programme

Over 4,000 institutions worldwide offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program to over one million children. From the ages of 3 to 19, the program promotes kids to become active, caring, and independent thinkers.

Through intercultural appreciation and empathy, the IB curriculum strives to cultivate enquiring, informed, and compassionate college students capable of creating a thriving and peaceful world in the future. It assists youngsters in developing self-confidence as well as becoming socio-culturally open-minded beings.

Why is the IB program popular?

Many multinational families now consider an IB degree as a pass to the world’s highest-ranked institutions and even employment opportunities. The IB Diploma Program’s teaching of independent study skills and inter-disciplinary disciplines allows pupils to excel in undergrad degree programs that need strong writing, arithmetic, and analytical ability.

Several students studying in private schools in Singapore with an IB curriculum have the least attrition rate, indicating their readiness for the university experience. According to recent research, Diploma Programme graduates are also much more equipped in 21st-century abilities such as rational reflection, decision making, global intellectualism, cultural understanding, and leadership over non-IB students.

The transferrable skills learned throughout an IB education are highly appealing to top organizations looking for graduates who could exhibit the opportunity to empathize with what they have learned.

Three reasons to enrol your child in IB programs:

1. Implementable education

One of the most significant benefits of IB training would be that the concepts presented are in line with industry needs and hence are easier to implement in the workplace. Instead of just memorizing what is printed in the textbook, IB education pushes students to study, evaluate, and comprehend what they are taught.

2. Research topics that fascinate you

Unlike every other education avenue, the IB program exposes the participants to a wide range of courses and allows them to pursue whatever fascinates them. IB will enable students to mix and combine classes based on their interests.

3. A curriculum that is well-known across the world

If you want to go abroad, IB is the logical choice. Students who have earned an IB Diploma have a greater admission rate at universities and institutions worldwide.

There are four programs for pupils aged three to nineteen. It is regarded as the ideal curriculum for youngsters. It is perfect for students whose parents are frequently transferred as the child can follow this international curriculum anywhere. Having just said, the global nature of IB makes it more attractive to several parents looking for a substitute to a national educational approach.

Most prominent IB schools in Singapore follow three programs for students:

● The Primary Years Programme: designed for kids ages 3 to 12.

● The Middle Years Programme: designed for children aged 11 to 16.

● The Diploma Programme: designed for students aged 16 to 18.


What distinguishes the IB program from other boards is how it pushes children to become more internationally conscious. It helps them learn via actual experiences, engage with their surrounding communities, and cultivate a passion for education beyond academic studies.