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In 2021 How I can start a real estate business?

Why open a real estate agency?

The real estate sector is promising. Opening a Real estate companies in  Dubai agency is an effective solution to find a place in this buoyant and sustainable market. In addition, having your own business has many advantages for the real estate agent.

Practice in a promising sector

Opening your Real estate companies in  Dubai increases your chances of succeeding in the real estate sector. In fact, a household changes accommodation on average every 7 years in France. This renewal period even tends to shorten because of social phenomena and demographic growth in the country. This trend is favorable for real estate agencies , which can thus more easily find clients.

The real estate market is also doing well. For the renewal of their housing, most families trust professionals. About 70% of transactions in this area are carried out by a real estate agent. It is all the same important to specify that these figures do not concern all the geographical areas of the French territory. It is therefore important to carry out a market study before embarking on a project to open a real estate agency .

The legal regulations in force also work in favor of Real estate companies in  Dubai. The evolution of current rules makes the intervention of a real estate agent more and more essential. The latter is required to provide professional support to clients wishing to carry out transactions.

The advantages for the Real estate companies in  Dubai

Opening a real estate agency offers many advantages. Creating your own agency means becoming a business owner and having the status of a self-employed worker . The real estate agent with his own agency can:

  • Enjoy great freedom: he can define his work schedule according to his needs, choose contracts and clients, choose his place of work…;
  • Determine the work methods and strategies adapted to their needs and requirements;
  • Offer its services to different clients and carry out various missions;
  • Define its price  ;
  • Obtain a more substantial remuneration (on condition of carrying out several transactions).

The conditions necessary for opening a real estate agency

The opening of a Real estate companies in  Dubai is not accessible to everyone . In order to create this type of business, you must meet a few conditions beforehand, in particular obtaining a professional card.

Have the required skills and abilities

To open a Real estate companies in  Dubai, you have to justify the skills and abilities required by law. This profession is subject to strict regulations . To start your own business, obtaining a numbered professional card is mandatory. This document is issued by the Center de Formalities des Professions Immobilizers under conditions:

  • Have a BTS “Real estate professions” or “Accounting-Management”;
  • Justify at least a Bac +3 level diploma in law, economics or management;
  • Have a DUT “Legal careers”, specialization in real estate;
  • Have a diploma from an institute of economic and legal studies applied to construction and housing.

Opening a Real estate companies in  Dubai without a diploma is also possible on condition of having professional experience in the real estate sector and having a professional card . The skills of the real estate agent are validated if they have worked under the supervision of an agent with a professional card during:

  • At least three years for the applicant who has passed the Baccalaureate;
  • At least ten years if the agent has not passed his Baccalaureate.
Comment démarrer une entreprise immobilière ?
Real estate companies in Dubai

In order to validate this experience, all you have to do is request a VAE.

In order to set up your own real estate agency, certain human and technical qualities are required to successfully find a place in the field. The real estate agent must:

Have an excellent sense of communication to interact with potential customers;

Have sales and marketing skills to promote the agency and increase the chances of obtaining clients;

Be a good negotiator and a diplomat;

  • Have a taste for a challenge;
  • Know the real estate market;
  • Master the legal and IT environments relating to this profession;
  • Be on the lookout for market developments  ;
  • Have a neat presentation to inspire confidence.
  • Have the necessary funds to launch the project

Before opening a real estate agency, you must have the necessary funds to:

  • The costs of formalities for the creation of the company  ;
  • The cost of running the agency after it opens;
  • The necessary cash until the first payment.

The funds can be formed by personal savings, state aid, bank loans and the various grants available.

Franchised or independent real estate agency: how to choose?

In order to open a Real estate companies in  Dubai, it is possible to choose between a franchised or independent real estate agency . These alternatives have advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider them before making your choice.

Open an independent real estate agency

Opening an independent real estate agency makes it possible to manage the structure by its own means. As a business leader, it is not necessary to report to supervisors. The success of the agency depends entirely on the effort put in.

Becoming an independent real estate agent by creating your own structure also has some drawbacks . As its manager and agent, you have to be versatile and productive (transactions, prospecting for clients, bookkeeping, etc.).

In summary, to open an independent Best Real estate companies in  Dubai, you must be ready to assume full responsibility for the agency in financial , administrative , accounting , commercial and mercantile terms . To lighten the workload, it is possible to entrust certain tasks to professionals. In this case, it is necessary to foresee the remuneration of the employees and the fees charged for the provision of the service.




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