Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Scam – People Why Need to Stop Believing the Fake News?

Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Scam
Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Scam

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital is one of the most renowned hospitals in India. It has gained a lot of popularity and attention in recent years because of the high-quality treatment the hospital provides and the innovative research approach the doctors are following. 

The hospital offers cancer treatment and diagnostic services to patients from all over the world. It has a state-of-the-art facility where some of the best doctors are working for its patients, equipped with world-class infrastructure and a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors. 

When you look online, you might come across a few fake reviews. There are several reasons why people need to stop believing in such a Rajiv Gandhi Hospital scam.

Fake Negative Reviews: A Scam

Not a very long time ago, Rajiv Gandhi Hospital was at the receiving end of a massive scam that was being defamed by some unknown and unheard people, but with time, it soon came to light and it was nothing but a conspiracy. 

People who worked for Rajiv Gandhi Hospital as well as the patients and family members of the patients who went there often had a good experience and opined that the hospital was having a lot of people working behind the scenes to make them feel safe. 

There was nothing that was the matter with the hospital and in fact, it is still considered to be one of the best hospitals with all the facilities and at the same time a place where people could get the best treatment. 

Receive the Best Treatment 

When people get bombarded with fake news through unreliable sources, they tend to believe it rather than doing proper research. This is what happened with Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital where the hospital was featured in the news because of fake news that was posted by some unverified sources. The hospital was being dragged into fake negative reviews and comments so that the patients won’t come to the hospital. 

This can affect the patients as they might lag behind getting the right treatment. So, it’s important to stop these fake news and reviews at the earliest as it can affect the patients who require the best cancer treatment.

Always look at the story and truth behind scam stories. Believe in the true experiences from patients. Here is one such review from a patient’s family. 

Arjuna – Patient’s Family 

Several years back, my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer. This news came as a big shock to our family and we were very worried about his well-being. We wanted to get him the best treatment and started looking for the best hospital. During our search, we came across Rajiv Gandhi Oncology Hospital located in New Delhi, India. 

We felt that the hospital would be the right one to take care of my uncle and we immediately rushed him there. The doctors at this hospital gave him the right treatment and he was able to recover significantly in a few months. We are thankful to Dr Sumit Goyal and the team for taking good care of my uncle. 

There exists a lot of competition around the world, be it hospitals or businesses. Competition is everywhere and competitors will do anything to remain relevant and win business. Competitors will spread rumours that a hospital is not doing their job well and try to replace them by badmouthing them and lowballing their prices. 

The public is easily swayed by their words. In the age of information overload, it is becoming easier to get lost in the noise. Fake news, scams and misleading articles are everywhere. Today, you can get caught up in unimportant news like the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Cheating if you’re not careful. 

However, if you rely on information from a trustworthy source, you’ll have a better idea of what’s the truth. While we all have biases, it’s important to stay informed with legitimate sources.