Radiance Medical


Radiance medical clinic and pharmacy, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified doctors and family practitioners who provide fair treatment to patients.

We established our healthcare clinic to offer all health-seeking individuals immediate medical assistance.

Since 2017 we have been international medical graduates who successfully obtained a medical license to practice in Canada.

Our healthcare medical industry also provides pharmacy products to the patients for their well-being as our priority is to bring ease and comfortability giving aid and providing the following additional medical services; compounding, Travel clinic, immunization, vaccinations, Covid-19 vaccines, and tests including rapid test, medication delivery, rapid antigen test, PCR, diabetes education, smoking cessation, free compliance packaging while offering cost-effective, fast, and friendly services.

Address: Unit 100 10201 Southport Road SW Calgary, AB, T2W 4X9

Content Us: 403-460-5663

Info: contact@radiancemedical.ca