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Quran Academy: Live Quran for Kids is a Quran academy, which offers learning of the Quran conveniently for all. Nowadays, the mode of learning to learn Quran online is most popular because of the features and services offer. Quranic education teaches Muslims about moral learning from an Islamic point of view. It teaches us how to live according to the principles of the Quran.

It also guides us on how to behave with other people from our society. The purpose of Quran education is to educate a person according to the rules of Allah almighty. It focuses on pictures of Muslim’s duty in their lifestyle and a fruitful existence in the afterlife (the life after death).

How can I learn Quran online? Live Quran for Kids is the best recommended Quran academy, which offers a virtual portal of online Quran classes, that brings students and teachers for learning. For taking online Quran classes, you just need a device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), connected with an internet connection and headset. They provide highly skilled online Quran teacher to teach online Quran.

Learn Quran online for the recitation of surah Sad (or Surah Dawood)

The two names of surah have been taken from its ayah number 1 and 17. As both verses contain the Arabic word “Sad” and mention Prophet Dawood, respectively. It is the 38th chapter of the Holy Quran, which contains 88 verses. It comprises 735 words having a total of 3065 letters. Quran Academy: Live Quran for kids offers different customized Quran courses. For example, recitation of the Holy Quran with Tajweed, learn Quran online for Tafseer, memorization of the Quran via online Quran teacher, etc.

Divine Laws mention in surah Sad Learn via online Quran teacher

Quran Academy offers a course that relates to the translation of surahs of the Holy Quran for a better understanding of Quran verses. The basic language of the Holy Quran is Arabic, therefore for non-Arabs, must learn Arabic for the recitation of the Quran. One can learn Arabic from an online Quran teacher. When is Surah Sad revealed? It was revealed at the time when Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was facing difficulties with the rejection of His tribe “Quraysh”.

  • The Holy Quran is full of admonition.
  • The Narrative of the Story of Prophet Dawood AS.
  • The mountains and birds, both sing to praise Allah almighty.
  • The Story of Prophet Suleiman AS.
  • Steeds inspections that are used for Jihad.
  • Story of Ayub, describing his sickness.
  • Warnings for people.
  • Missions of the prophet.
  • Story of Adam AS and disobedience of Satan.

Quran Learn Online | Surah Al Maidah via Online Quran Teacher

Miracles of Surah Sad via Online Quran Classes

Recitation of the Holy Quran will result in earning unlimited good deeds. And blessings for this life and the Last Day. However, one must recite the Holy Quran in its proper way told. By the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). One must approach some effective methods for learning of Quran. Furthermore, Online Quran Classes for Kids prove to be best for this reason.

  • Whoever recites Surah Sad before the night of Friday, will be rewarded for worldly affairs and the Day of Judgment, as many equal to those who have not blessed who saved prophets.
  • The person who will recite surah Sad will be blessed heavily with blessings of Allah almighty equal to the weight of the mountain, that Allah almighty submissive to Prophet Dawood AS and additionally, he will be kept safe from doing small and large sins.
  • If the Surah Sad will write on paper, and then kept this paper under the chair of an unfaithful judge or an officer, he will be dismissed from his post within three days.

What is the lesson of surah Sad? It teaches us to never consider ourselves superior to anyone. Allah Almighty has no emotions like anger etc. Hence, never think Allah is angry with you, always do prayer and ask for His forgiveness. Satan promised to mislead you from the path of Allah almighty; however, one must be stubborn and keeps his faith stronger.

Benefits provided by Quran Academy

Live Quran for Kids, offer free trials for online Quran classes, so students get 100% satisfied with the mode of learning and online Quran teacher. They charge less fees which are easily affordable for everyone. One has the option to select their online Quran teacher or one may choose a male or female teacher (for women and kids). They also provide an option for selecting a time and day to learn Quran online. Hence, this mode of learning the Quran has many incomparable features.