Quinnox should be your enterprise’s must-have Calypso consultant


Quinnox has Calypso consultant capabilities are the result of years of experience that have enabled us to identify critical areas for digital intervention. See all Calypso consultant services below.

Calypso Consulting: We map your specific business needs to technology solutions to help you maximize the capabilities of the Calypso platform to improve productivity and user experience. Our experts design the optimal roadmap for your Calypso engagement, including financial and risk management implementation.

Implementation: We offer a variety of business solutions and capabilities including pre-trade, post-trade, accounting and reporting. Our support extends to data migration and validation as a service, customizing or extending existing architectures to meet your specific needs, and integration.

Version upgrade: We help our customers roll out these upgrades on time without disrupting their day-to-day operations. We have made several upgrades (including V8 to V17 and V16) to make the system more agile and also offer custom code for our customers.

Application management and support: As your trusted partner for financial and calypso support, we design and implement dashboards to identify bottlenecks and measure uptime and order delays. Our support services can make batch processing 30% more efficient. We work closely with our clients to achieve a high return on investment.

Custom Development: Our Calypso consultants assist in modifying and adjusting the platform to meet corporate and statutory requirements. To ensure that upgrades, integrations, data migrations, and validations are all carried out smoothly and seamlessly, we adhere to best practises. Additionally, the unique development is scalable over time.

Testing: We pledge to ensure product quality. You may be sure there will be almost no defects thanks to our bespoke testing capabilities. Our collection of more than 8000 automated test assets, which can be used for many purposes, improves productivity, flexibility, and agility. We can validate over a billion data points in each test cycle and offer GUI and API testing for 100% test coverage.

Quinnox offers over 8,000 test cases, reusable frameworks, toolkits, and an unmatched experience of a Calypso consultant.To learn more, get in touch with our Quinnox experts for Calypso consultancy services.