QuickBooks File Extension List & Their Significance

QuickBooks File Extension
QuickBooks File Extension

QuickBooks file extensions are used to differentiate between the different types of data stored in the software. Different QuickBooks file formats make it easier for the users to determine what type of data a particular file is containing. For instance, the main QuickBooks Company File has the extension (QBW), whereas, a corresponding Network Data File has the extension (ND), which helps users to access the company file over a network. In this blog, we will discuss different types of file extensions and their significance in QuickBooks.

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List Of The Most Used QuickBooks Data File Extensions:

Below is the list of commonly used QuickBooks file extensions that you may encounter now and again while using the software-

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.QBW Extension: “QuickBooks Company File” can be identified by .QBW extension. QuickBooks uses. QBW files to store the accounting data, logos, letters, images, and templates for your company.

.QBO Extension: .QBO file extension is used to represent the “QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File.” These files contain the online bank statement downloaded from your bank’s legit website.

.QBA Extension: .QBA QuickBooks data file extension is used after the “QuickBooks Accountant Copy Working File.” These files are mainly used for the accountant’s review.

.TLG Extension: .TLG file extension represents the Transaction Log File”. These files are used to keep track of the changes made to the. QBW files since the last backup.

.QBB Extension: .QB represents “QuickBooks Backup File Format.” It is used to store the backup of the main QuickBooks Company File and all the data. QBW file stores.

.QBM Extension: .QBM signifies “QuickBooks Portable File.” These files are the compressed form of a . QBW file and are ideal for sharing due to their smaller sizes.

.QBX Extension: .QBX files are the “Accountants Review Copy (Export File).” When a backup copy of the. QBW file is restored by an accountant; it becomes the Accountant’s copy of the file.

.INI Extension: INI extension is used for the “Configuration File” that can help you to do online banking.

.ND Extension: .ND QuickBooks company file extension represents the “Network Data File.” These are the configuration files that enable users to access the company file over a network.

Hopefully, you can now categorize the same kind of data using QuickBooks Data File Extensions. However, if you have any questions in your mind, then call our QuickBooks Error customer support number at 1.855.738.2784 and get a consultation from experts.

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