QuickBooks Error 350: Possible Reasons and Solutions

QuickBooks Error 350 Possible Reasons and Solutions

QuickBooks is a popular online application used frequently by business companies. It allows large business organizations to handle their financial records safely. It has gained quite a popularity as it provides multiple features. However, some issues with the application or the internet can trigger some errors in the application. We will look at one such error, QuickBooks Error 350.

QuickBooks Error 350 arises when the user tries to access the bank account or bank credit card through QuickBooks. The user might receive various error messages such as:

  1. Cannot connect to the bank Error 350.
  2.  The bank connection not working.
  3. The old connection not working.
  4. Unable to load bank transaction records.

We will talk in detail about what triggers these errors and what can be done to fix this. However, you can always contact our support team in case of any queries.

Possible Causes for Bank Connection Error 350 in QuickBooks:

The possible reasons for the occurrence of bank connection error 350 in QuickBooks can be:

  • Damaged Company File: Due to a corrupt or damaged company file, it may be unable to load the transaction details leading to errors while accessing the bank account.
  • Bank issues: Due to issues going on with the financial institution or bank is under maintenance, errors may occur while trying to access it.
  • Connection Issues: QuickBooks may face problems while trying to connect with the bank server.

Solutions to Fix 350 Error in the QuickBooks Software:

To take benefit of the banking feature of the QuickBooks software, you need to fix this error on time. You can fix this by following these approaches.

Method 1: Verify and Rebuild Data

  • Open QuickBooks and select ‘File’ and choose the ‘Utilities’ option. Go to ‘Verify data.’ If you see the ‘your data is list’ message then you need to rebuild the data.
  • To do so, click on ‘File’, open ‘Utilities’ and select ‘Rebuild data.’
  • You may get a message to save the backup, click OK. The rebuild data will begin when the backup is complete.

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Method 2: Re-establish the Connection Between QuickBooks and the Bank

  • Choose the account which shows bank connection error 350. Click on the link that says ‘Sign in to the bank.’
  • Enter the banking credentials and choose all the accounts you want to connect with QuickBooks.
  • Select ‘Update’ and check if all the transactions are loaded in the QuickBooks.

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Method 3: Manually Update the Bank Account

  • Select the Banking options on the QuickBooks desktop and choose ‘Update’
  • Enter the authentication code, if asked and log in with the correct banking credentials.

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks Error 350 can become an obstacle between you and the banking feature. To take complete advantage of this feature, you can fix the errors that come in the way by following this blog. We hope that the elaborated steps will help you fix this error. In spite of this, in case of any queries, you can dial +1-855-856-0042 for support.

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