Causes of QuickBooks error 1402 and easy fixes

QuickBooks error 1402
QuickBooks error 1402

QuickBooks is an accounting software that assists users with tax submissions by generating precise and updated financial data. The software also helps in tracking tax deductions, creating account reports, and categorizing expenses. But the software can sometimes put the users in problematic situations due to random issues. QuickBooks error 1402 doesn’t allow the users to install the software on their computers. If you also encountered this error while installing QuickBooks, continue reading this blog to figure out the causes of the issue and the approach you can take to rectify it.

Use the troubleshooting directions provided by a QB expert at 1-855-856-0042 to fix this error quickly.


The reasons QuickBooks installation fails on your computer due to this error are mentioned below-

  1. QuickBooks installation file has been corrupted and cannot be used for software installation.
  2. Interruption from Windows firewall or other PC applications can also cause the installation to fail.
  3. Windows Installer is busy with another task or malfunctions while installing QuickBooks.

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The error can be resolved using the techniques given below-

Solution 1- Use Windows selective startup (safe mode) to perform QB installation

QuickBooks installation might fail if the Windows firewall restricts the Windows installer from running. Other applications on your PC can also hinder the installation, which will cause this error code to flash on your screen. You can fix all these issues by running your system in a selective startup for installing QuickBooks. The safe mode only runs the apps and services essential for your PC, and the security software becomes ineffective. This reduces the chances of the Windows installer malfunctioning or getting blocked. Here are the steps to apply-

  1. Open the Run window using Windows + R keys.
  2. Type msconfig in the blank command field and press Enter.
  3. Navigate to the General tab of the system configuration window and click Selective Startup.
  4. Tap Load system services and go to the Services tab.
  5. Mark the checkbox beside Hide all Microsoft Services and click Disable All.
  6. Click on the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox again to unmark it.
  7. Choose Microsoft Installer and click Ok.
  8. Click on the Restart option.
  9. Install QuickBooks in safe mode and go to the system configuration window using Run.
  10. Go to the General tab and then select Normal Startup.
  11. Tap Ok and select Restart.

If QuickBooks installation fails again, check out the next solution.

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Solution 2- Fix the issue using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

QuickBooks Tool hub consists of a tool that can help you fix issues during software installation. You must ensure that you have downloaded the latest QB tool hub version and follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Launch QB Tool hub and click on Installation issues.
  2. Select the Run QB Install Diagnostic tool option in the drop-down list.
  3. Wait until the tool fixes the issues, and then try installing QuickBooks again.

QuickBooks will install without any problems after applying the techniques.


We are now at the end of the blog that details QuickBooks error 1402 that stops you from installing the software. The QB-recommended methods to counter this error are also mentioned, which we expect you to use for installing QuickBooks without any issues.

If you still face any problems during installation, converse directly with a 1-855-856-0042 QB professional for assistance.

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