QuickBooks Backup Failed: Exhaustive Analysis & Valid Solution

QuickBooks Backup Failed
QuickBooks Backup Failed Exhaustive Analysis & Valid Solution

Every QuickBooks user has some essential data that is kept within the QB company file, and Intuit also provides various ways to correctly create a backup copy of the company file. The backup company file is a convenient way to recover your data if the original company file data gets lost or corrupted. However, QB users can confront an exasperating issue in which they cannot even create the backup copy of the company file, and an error message swiftly shoots up on the screen stating ‘QuickBooks Backup Failed’. Here, in this blog, you shall study various troubleshooting methods to tackle this issue so that you are able to back up your essential data on the computer.

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Major Reasons That Cause ‘Data Backup Failure in QuickBooks’ Problem

The ‘Data Backup Failure in QuickBooks’ problem occurs due to the reasons explained here:
• If the company file that you need to backup is corrupted or has an internal defect, then you can confront troubles while creating & saving its backup copy on the system.
• Any misconfiguration in the location where the backup company file is to be saved on the system can also trigger this technical issue.

What Are the Easiest Tactics to Tackle ‘QB Desktop Company File Backup Failed’ Problem?

The ‘QB Desktop Company File Backup Failed’ problem can be eliminated using the methods given below:

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Method 1: Accurately ensure the full repair of the company file via the ‘Verify & Rebuild Data Utility’ on the computer

  • Here, the first proper step is to simply choose the ‘File’ menu inside the QB Desktop application & then you need to swiftly strike on the ‘Verify Data’ icon located within the ‘Utilities’ tab.
  • After that, the chosen company file will get fully scanned via the ‘Verify Data’ utility, and then you shall be shown all the defects that are present inside the data file.
  • Now, you need to extirpate all those data damages, and for that, the first point is to just reach the ‘Utilities’ tab inside the ‘File’ menu, after which you can easily tap on the ‘Rebuild Data’ icon.
  • At this point, the ‘Rebuild Data’ utility will immediately repair the selected company file, and after the repair has been done, you can move forward to successfully create and save the backup copy of the data file.

Method 2: Verify that the backup file path is totally valid on your computer to fully remove this technical glitch

  • First & foremost, instantly go forward to access the ‘Preferences’ menu in the QB Desktop application & then you shall need to hit the ‘Backup Options’ tab.
  • Next, jump to the ‘Local Backup Only’ section & then you can ensure that the present backup file path is fully correct on the window.
  • Now, if you find that the backup file path is invalid, you can successfully set the correct backup file path via the ‘Browse’ option, after which you can proceed ahead to create a fresh backup company file.

These methods, when implemented correctly, will definitely eliminate the ‘QuickBooks Backup Failed’ problem. For further help & guidance, dial 1-855-856-0042 to connect with our QB Specialists Team.

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