Proof that Intel vPro is What Your Business Are Exactly Looking For


Driven by the four pillars of efficient business computing, such as security, manageability, and performance and stability, Intel vPro has become the need of time for business operations. There are many reasons for it that you shall explore in this article and get amazed. 

What is Intel vPro? 

While vPro is a technology, Intel vPro is a platform that allows PCs to be remotely maintained and fixed, thereby helping businesses cut considerable IT staffing costs needed to maintain PCs on various sites. 

For example: if a user’s PC gets attacked by a virus while the owner is out of the PC premise, the IT has two options, either send a technician to fix the problem (which is time-consuming) or equip the device with vPro and handle the issue remotely. The latter method will help the IT teams easily reset the affected device and get it back in working order without leaving the office. 

Intel vPro is an appealing option for businesses whose employees work remotely or on the go. It helps them save valuable time and cost associated with travelling to and fro from the location of the PC to be diagnosed. 

There are also a whole lot of benefits of how Intel vPro helps you get through performance and security issues and ensure business continuity. 

  • Gets You to the Peak Performance: 

The latest Gen Intel core i5 vPro, i7vPro and i9 vPro processors can help you achieve up to 75% battery efficiency than other processors. The processor comes with integrated Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, enabling you to enjoy three times faster wireless connectivity. 

What does it mean for employees working in hybrid mode? They can experience far better performance with increased battery life.

  • Stimulates Consistent IT Management: 

Intel vPro helps IT admin to be proactive in device management. The platform does so by offering admins the real-time status of the devices. The IT admin then equips themselves with essential resources for maintaining and managing multiple PCs.

Also, the platform helps admins easily identify possible issues even before they arise and cause severe damage to the system. Even if any significant problem arises, admins can provide prompt resolution saving downtime and helping businesses maintain operational efficiency. 

Moreover, Intel Pro helps with updates as most businesses struggle to keep up with system updates due to several reasons. Sometimes systems are far away, it’s hard to schedule, or it’s difficult for businesses to deal with updates. With the Intel vPro platform, you ease the process of updates and other admin functions by enabling you to do it remotely and even when the PC is powered off. 

  • Easy to Audit, Manage and Update: 

Intel vPro makes the system updates faster. That is so because all the functions are managed remotely by technicians. Intel vPro removes the necessity for them to travel and be physically present at each machine location. 

The technicians can look after and manage an entire fleet of Intel vPro-powered systems within a fraction of a second. Also, the admins can power up the whole unit remotely, install updates, provide security patches and perform administrative functions. Once they perform such functions, they can shut down the unit without any intervention from the other end. 

  • Enhanced Security Features: 

The security features of Intel vPro are what set this platform apart. Such security eases communication and administration tasks. The Intel Core vPro platform is packed with advanced hardware-based security. It comes with I/O system protection and Intel Hardware Shield for advanced threat protection. 

Earlier businesses were vulnerable to various malicious attacks owing to lost user credentials and would suffer a lot from security issues. But it’s not the case anymore. Intel Authenticate (IA) makes business PC systems safer than ever.

IA boasts biometric and key-based security to restrict access to a limited number of users. Through such security features, employees can safeguard their systems from malicious software and get assurance that the OS is running directly on the hardware. This feature is also crucial in an environment where employees and the IT support team are not in the same place. 

  • Exceptional Support: 

Intel core vPro allows remote access, which means admins can help end users from a remote location (anywhere in the world) to wherever needed.

IT team members can easily reset or repair your system from any distance or offer security patches to protect business campuses globally. 

Intel vPro perfectly addresses the pain points experienced by remote workforces and traveling executives by offering effective security solutions and removing distance barriers.


Intel vPro has been designed with high-end security features and advanced remote control and management options. And with that, this platform becomes an ideal addition to businesses looking to keep their PCs safe and sound while maintaining a better user experience.