Private detectives in Madrid Grupo Arga


For many years, we have collected evidence and legal information for our corporate and private clients. Our team of private investigators based in Madrid carry out monitoring, surveillance, economic investigation, risk reporting, fraud prevention, location of missing persons, location of people and installation of legitimate hidden cameras to gather evidence and investigate to help in the judicial process. .


We act in the legitimate interest of our clients by responding to their concerns, gathering the information they need to make business or privacy decisions, and defending them in legal proceedings. Our reports are presented in court and it is our responsibility to approve them before the corresponding judge.


Qualified and prepared private detectives in Madrid, Grupo Arga


Private detectives are qualified witnesses, so our investigations have a high probative value. We are an authorized detective agency based on the corresponding official license issued by the Ministry of the Interior, strictly following the Spanish law of private detectives.


Also, based on our experience, we have extensive knowledge of the laws of other countries and are able to conduct our international investigations fairly and efficiently. We work with other international detectives on various investigations.


Separate investigations are needed in all areas: work, business, personal, family and legal. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, we differentiate ourselves from other detective agencies with two awards for confidentiality, seriousness and commitment to our clients.


The scope of activities of private detectives is very broad, mainly including:


Investigate infidelities, conduct of minors, locate people, collect evidence in child custody proceedings, detect and monitor addictive behaviors such as gambling or alcohol, verify compliance with lease agreements, investigate possible fraud, unfair competition, track the exit of temporary workers, determine damages and consequences, detect legal illegal wiretapping, verify industrial property rights, patents and trademarks.


Reasons to hire a private detective in Madrid at your workplace


After success in fiction and film, more and more people associate detectives with this comical version of their work, not realizing that in many legal situations these professionals can play an important role in investigations and even turn the tide. of the case in your favor.


In fact, the situations in which they are used vary widely, with the workplace being one of the most common. Are you looking for a private detective in Madrid? At Grupo Arga we work to resolve certain situations or confirm doubts for the benefit of your business and its benefits.


Workplace investigations vary widely and can range from inquiring about the authenticity of excellent resume skills to checking for temporary disability fraud. In fact, a private detective at work is the best guarantee to resolve existing labor disputes.


In addition, the examination of the events and actions of the employees by the private investigator is the only means of evidence that allows employers to effectively control whether the employees are actually performing the required tasks or not.