How to Print Multiple EML Files at One Time?

print eml files

Are you looking for a simple way to print EML Files? If that’s the case, you may relax now!! In this post, we’ll show you how to print multiple EML to PDF files with attachments using both manual and automated approaches.

The above real-world example demonstrates how an email message may be used as evidence for legal reason to print multiple EML files as a digital copy. Adobe documents are very useful for a variety of objectives, including job, legal, and financial.

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User Query for Print Multiple EML Files to PDF

“My Senior distributes multiple EML data files for research purposes. My study is complete, and now I must deliver it to my superiors. As a result, I’m attempting to convert these crucial EML files to PDF format. as a result of which these files may be accessible from any platform But the difficulty is that I have no experience to print EML files to PDF files. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!”

“I’d like to print EML files to PDF that I’ve saved as a backup from my prior Thunderbird account. I have a lot of essential and sensitive information in these files that I need to deliver to my supervisor. I’d like to save them as PDF files so that my employer and colleagues may view them on any device, but I’m not sure how to accomplish that. Please advise me on the fastest and safest approach to do this.”

Why is it Necessary to Print EML files?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that can be read on both Windows and Mac computers. Here are a few reasons why you may want to convert an EML file to PDF:

  • You’ll need to convert your EML to PDF Adobe format in order to print multiple EML files.
  • Password security may be used to safeguard PDF adobe documents.
  • For government presentations, the PDF format is quite handy.

What are the Methods to Print EML Files in PDF Adobe Format?

You have three options when it comes to printing your files. However, you should be aware that these alternatives will only be useful if you don’t have any attachments. If you have emails containing attachments, you should choose the immediate solution. Investigate the following methods:

  • Print EML Files Using the Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Using MS Word, complete the EML conversion task.
  • Automated and Trusted EML to PDF Converter Software

To proceed with the first way, you must have the Import Export Tools add-on installed in your Thunderbird software. Let’s get these solutions underway.

Method 1: How to Print EML Files via Thunderbird?

Make sure you have Mozilla Thunderbird installed and the ImportExportTools add-on set on your local device. To get started the process, follow the steps below:

  1. When you open Mozilla Thunderbird, pick the three vertical lines in the window’s right corner to bring up a drop-down menu.
  2. Choose Tools from the drop-down menu, then ImportExportTools and Import Messages from the ImportExportTools menu.
  3. Choose the file from the folder where you want to print EML files. Remember that you can’t use this approach to export more than one file at a time. Click Open after selecting the file.
  4. Choose Save Selected Messages from the context menu of the EML files you’ve recently exported. To print EML files to PDF, choose the PDF format option from the expanded menu.
  5. You’ll get a warning that if you export the files in PDF format, you won’t be able to import them back. Therefore, to the next step by clicking OK.
  6. A Select the destination directory window will appear, from which you must select the final destination directory. After that, choose the Folder option.

Note: This is how you may use the ImportExportTools add-on in Thunderbird to execute the exporting process. Now, for the identical technique, let’s go on to the next approach.

Method 2: Print EML Files Using Microsoft Word

  • Right-click on one of the EML files in the area where they are kept.
  • Choose the Open With option from the pop-up menu, then MS Word from the expanded menu.
  • MS Word will open after that. You must then click on the Office Icon and choose the Save As option.
  • When the Save As box appears, choose the PDF option from the Save As Type drop-down menu.
  • You may also alter the file’s existing name and location from here. Select the Save button after that.

Note: These are the procedures for exporting EML to PDF in Microsoft Word. These approaches have a few drawbacks, which are discussed in the next section.

Drawbacks of Using the Manual Method

Even though these procedures are quite basic and straightforward, there are a few drawbacks to employing them:

  • Bulk exporting of EML files is not feasible. Users must convert files one by one as part of the operation.
  • These solutions do not allow you to convert EML files containing attachments.
  • If you don’t have MS Word or Thunderbird installed on your computer, it won’t function.
  • There is no assurance that the data will be kept secure or up to date.

If you don’t want to deal with any of these issues throughout the conversion process, you should utilize the expert-recommended approach described in the next section.

Expert Recommended Automated Solution to Print Multiple EML Files

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You may quickly convert your.eml files in bulk using this approach without having to go through any hassle. This technique of conversion, i.e. the conversion tool, will enable you to print multiple EML Files to PDF in bulk and with attachments.

All attachments, such as photographs or documents, may be imported with the data integrity preserved and the message header of each file preserved without modifying any characteristics. There’s also the ability to export files from a certain time period based on the user’s preferences.

eml to pdf converter


All attachments, such as photographs or documents, may be imported while maintaining data integrity and retaining each file’s message header without modifying any attributes. The user may also choose to selectively export files from a certain time period.

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