Portobello Point: Student Accommodation Sheffield with Multiple-Occupancy Ensuite Rooms

Student Accommodation Sheffield

Portobello Point – this is the student accommodation Sheffield where you can enjoy the company of fellow residents at the best. Here, you find ensuite rooms with multiple-occupancy as well as the areas like a common room, which allow you to enjoy the social life.

In addition to this, there is a wide range of other facilities and services available here, which do not let any shortage in the comfort of the students. Moreover, the universities in Sheffield are within the walking distance of Portobello Point.

Here are some of the features of this student accommodation Sheffield starting from the multiple-occupancy ensuite rooms, which will help you in understanding it in a better way.

Multiple Occupancy Ensuite Rooms

There are three types of ensuite rooms available here, which have been categorized according to the number of beds. The occupancy is according to the number of beds available.

These three types include 3-bed ensuite, 4-bed ensuite, and 6-bed ensuite. There are 3-4th beds available in all the rooms. The rooms have shared kitchens, dining areas, and lounge areas. Besides, they have ensuite washrooms.

Storage Space in the Rooms

Storage space remains a necessary asset when you are living outside your hometown or country. Therefore, in the student accommodations in Sheffield, a lot of storage space is provided to the students.

The individuals get the under-bed storage to keep the important assets. Moreover, wardrobes are also available to keep your clothes organized. There is also a lot of other storage space available inside the rooms.

The gym inside the Property for the Fitness Lovers

If you are a fitness lover, you don’t need to search for a fitness club outside the property. You find a fully equipped one in Portobello Point. Here, the students can keep their bodies in shape, do bodybuilding, and can do a lot of health-related exercises.

Common Area to Befriend Others

When you are shifted to Portobello Point, you would definitely like to befriend other residents living here as well as to meet your friends living here. To accomplish this purpose, a common area has been provided at this place.

This area allows the students to get assembled. Here, you can make new friends plus can meet old friends living here or those who have become your friends while living here.

Student Accommodation Sheffield

A common area is also a perfect place to get the help of other students in their studies as well as to offer them help.

Garden/Courtyard to Get Fresh Air

A garden/courtyard is also available where the students can get the fresh air and can add some more to their fitness. Besides, this is also an ideal place where you can meet other residents of the property.

Laundry Room to Keep the Clothes Up to Date

To go to the university, or to visit any place sightseeing in Sheffield, you need fresh and up-to-date clothes. This seems to be small but is one of the most significant things.

Understanding this, a laundry room has been provided to the student where they can keep their clothes washed and up to date.

Wi-Fi Internet

The role of the internet in our lives is not hidden from anyone nowadays. Most of the important things are accomplished through the internet. Even the students book the accommodation through online mediums. Other things, like shopping and communication, are also accomplished by the means of the internet.

On the other hand, the significance of the internet is much more when it comes to students. From time to time, online lectures are provided to the students. Moreover, the projects and assignments are also done through the internet.

This is well-understood by the authorities of Portobello Point. Wi-Fi connection is provided to the students. But, this service is not free and is inclusive of bills.

Heating Service to Keep the Room Warm

One more service that is inclusive of bills is heating. This service is needed a lot in cold countries such as the UK. So, one can get this service in this place of accommodation also.  

Security Services

Nobody would disagree that security is the most important aspect of every place of accommodation. Therefore, at Portobello Point also, there are good security arrangements.

Secure door entry ensures you keep your belongings safe. On the other hand, CCTV cameras are also available that provide full information about the activities going around on the property and detect unwanted activities.  

Stay Duration

Portobello Point offers three stay durations for the students, which are 51 weeks, 48 weeks, and 44 weeks. You can choose any of them according to your requirements.

Universities within Walking Distance

The University of Sheffield is just within the walking distance of 10 minutes from this property. On the other hand, you can reach Sheffield Hallam University within 15 minutes on foot.  

To Sum Up

So, it is clear that Portobello Point is a perfect place of living for students. Staying here gives them a memorable experience of their lifetimes.