Platform and channel for watching football on TV

hand hold microphone for interview during a football match

In Orange and Movistar, not all football channels have changed in the past, although we remind you how to watch the game online or on TV by subscribing to the following group of providers:

Vamps: Broadcasts two Smart Bank games daily (i.e. another 스포츠중계), as well as many other Movistar games.

Moister Allegan: Divided into channels to watch Allege Santander and Lilia Smart Bank daily (before first and second minute), including weekend and second weekend shows Gel and Ramos (late announcement).

Nina Lira de Camping:

This is a channel package where you can watch the European League Cup as well as European Series A (Italy) and Bundesliga (Germany) matches.

On the other hand, as mentioned before, you can watch a football match without connection with DAZN (€ 9.99 per month, up to € 12.99 on March 17) and Footer (€ 9.99). †

Is it possible to watch football for free?

With the exception of games in urban areas (Golf, Carton, Telecom and Teledeporte), free football is currently not available. As you can see, to be interested in all the games in La Liga and Premier League, you have to accept that the price of Movistar and Orange (which, despite the money in the first few months, is not really free).

So, in addition to the advertising channel offered by each employee, if you want to watch football on your TV for free, it ends with an advertisement:

Gal: This is a DTT (free and open ball) channel that broadcasts a number of La Liga matches every day.

Telecinco tutorial:

Mediated has acquired an extension to this section of the Copan del Rey this season (and the next two) for its 15 matches to be publicly watched. In addition, Media set broadcasts the matches of the Spanish national team in the UEFA Europa League every day.

Business break:

Move league games like the Arnold Clark Cup or Queen’s Cope. Our monthly leader boards have been compiled both for the football TV donated to Keri’s computer since March 1, 2022 and for the employee thresholds. The employee has to pay for it. That’s why we calculate the capital gain or increase the value after the renewal is complete.

This review takes into account the company’s plans for homes that want to watch football on TV online, but employees pay different rates for bars and businesses.