Plastic braces Cost In India

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Plastic or invisible aligners or transparent braces, as they are popularly known, are made using a 3D printer to shape your teeth into the shape your dentist would like to move them into. These are made with biodegradable material.

Plastic braces work fantastically. They are as effective as any other braces that would have been performed to correct your misaligned teeth. Most experts agree that plastic braces or clear aligners are the quickest and most aesthetic way to straighten your teeth. However, precautions should be taken that they should be worn for 18 to twenty hours a day. They move your teeth just as regular braces do and ensure that your crooked or misaligned teeth don’t stay that way. They are not only suitable for treating misaligned teeth but also for dental health.

Teeth braces cost in india

Plastic braces are the best and latest in technology to treat misaligned teeth. Transparent braces are far better than other types of braces in aesthetics and maintenance. They are the most convenient type of braces to be worn over the teeth.

Like all braces, plastic braces work more or less the same way the other braces do. Plastic braces exert desired steady pressure making the teeth move toward the force. You regularly adapt and change the aligners so that the tooth movement process is slow and gradual. Since the plastic braces are changed as and when needed so that teeth gradually adapt their position to fit with the aligners, the teeth come to the proper alignment with the process of change and adaption.


Invisible braces cost in india

The cumulative cost of plastic, also popularly known as transparent or invisible braces, used to correct the misaligned teeth of a person, depends on several factors such as the brand of transparent braces, the complexity of the misalignment of teeth, place of treatment, number of aligners needed during the treatment, duration of treatment, and location of treatment, etc. The cost of transparent or invisible braces can also vary depending on which invisible braces brand or orthodontic clinic you choose for your treatment. Since invisible braces are far superior to metallic ones in comfort and aesthetics, they cost you a little on the higher side. The treatment cost may vary between 50,000 to 70,000 rupees.


invisible braces for teeth cost in india

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