Personality Enhancement Activities at Nursery School in Abu Dhabi


The Abu Dhabi schools are well acquitted to the fact that the early years of schooling are the crucial and formative years in the life of our little scholars. With an unbiased perspective, they tend to observe, explore and learn a lot of things that create an indelible imprint in their mind. It is, therefore, necessary to introduce them to age-appropriate skillsets to facilitate the process of progressive and stable personality development.

Being well equipped with the right etiquettes, cognitive-developmental skills and interpersonal skills, children can pave a concrete path towards their bright future with a confident and positive approach. ADEK ensures the best quality of education in the preschools and nursery schools in Abu Dhabi implementing multiple skill development programs for them.

How Are Early Childhood Development Skills Beneficial?

According to various studies, cognitive, motor, social, communicative and literacy skills directly impact the emotional and communicative independence of the students, along with academic evolution. Some other benefits are-

  • Socialising and network building with people
  • Improve concentration level
  • Language Skills and Communication development
  • Innovative and Problem-solving skills
  • Sensory enhancement activities

Must have personality development qualities in the children, imparted by the Abu Dhabi schools:

The top-notch nursery school in Abu Dhabi have proved to be proficient in imparting personality development activities to young students.

  1. Exceptional Etiquettes

Encompassing a few words such as ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry’, etc., in the regular communication process and areas like home and school, gives the \identity of containing good manners in the children. Along with these, demonstrating impressive etiquettes also boost the personality in different kinds of environments like visiting any relative or friend’s place, library, worship areas, etc.

  1. Confident Eye Gaze

Maintaining confident eye contact while talking to someone implies confidence, affirmation and attentiveness. Teaching the kids to have eye contact helps them understand and develop self-confidence. It also makes it easier for the students to understand what the other person is saying as they have a complete view of body language and facial expressions.

       3. Understanding the Importance of Personal Space

Sometimes, children tend to get over-friendly while developing their communication skills. They need to know their boundaries, to prevent them from intervening in someone’s personal space. This attitude will help to maintain cordial and healthy relationships with their acquaintances.

      4. Communication Skills

One of the most important ways to determine one’s personality is by observing communication patterns. Children who are experts in carrying out a two-way conversation and conveying their expressions, tend to develop impressive personalities and also have efficient problem-solving capabilities.

Other than these, other qualities focused on for personality development include-

  • Maintaining sound health and hygiene
  • To become patient listeners
  • Good handwriting
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Compassionate attitude
  • Cooperative and optimistic approach



Various skill development and personality enhancement programs are structured to establish the IQ and EQ of young geniuses. The schools encourage young students to utilise their natural potential and eagerness to comprehend new concepts and creations and incorporate their own ideas. The Abu Dhabi schools have proven excellent records focused on honing the kids as successful human beings.