Parquet flooring is popular in Australian housing

Parquet refers to a floor that is made from inlaid wood and laid according to a particular pattern. Square motifs and riffs are the most common. Sunbursts/medallions, and other unusual patterns can be counted. Parquet comes from the French parchet which is small enclosure or compartment. Parquet flooring is royal in origin. It was introduced in Versailles in 1660s. Parquet gained popularity all over Europe after it was introduced in France. Parquet was difficult to produce, so it was considered grand and luxurious in grand homes.

France’s most well-known chateau is where parquet was created

This decorative element adds texture to your floor and gives it interest. The decorative border on parquetry flooring Melbourne is distinctive. These floorboards are also suitable for use as rugs. Parquet is basically a wood-moist mosaic. It can be made in any design you want. There are many choices, including Versailles (named for the original), Chantilly after another French chateau), checkerboard, and mosaic. Wood flooring stores no longer carry a wide selection of parquet tiles. Today, there are only a few major suppliers of parquet flooring. Bruce, the largest manufacturer and exporter of wood parquet tiles floors, has stopped making certain products. Some outlets might still have stock. Vinyl flooring with wood-parquet patterns is still available in larger quantities that actual wood tiles.

Parquet is an excellent choice for renovations and remodels that are time-appropriate. Parquet is a great choice for flooring materials that are period-correct.

Wood parquet floors can be treated in the same way as hardwood floors. Use a microfiber mop to sweep your wood parquet floors every day. Use a damp sponge to clean up any spillages and stains. Next, wipe the stain with paper towels. Wood floors should be cleaned once per month. Avoid waxes. They can make floors slippery and cause damage to the factory finish. A steam mop should not be used on parquet floors or any other wooden floor. It can cause moisture. Parquet flooring can now be made from solid hardwood and not veneers. Although sanding and refinishing can be done, it is difficult as each wood grain has its own characteristics. Only professionals should be allowed to refinish these floors. The surface can be refinished by applying a varnish and sandpaper.