Paint Box-Nail Grooming is an essential part of self-care


Self-care has emerged as the latest trend on our social media. We often see people talking about how important it is to give yourself the love and pampering you deserve. Psychologists describe it as a rejuvenating process that de-stresses you. It restores your energy, and gives you a little happy hormone boost so that you are able to take on your days with zeal and enthusiasm. But you may ask, what can be considered self-care? Well in addition to the popularised definition of self-care i.e, pampering yourself with lavish items. Or you may also add taking days off when you are sick, journaling, etc. However, caring for yourself can be as simple as saying no to things you don’t feel like doing.
Grooming is also considered an important part of self-care. Caring for your skin, putting on a clay mask while sipping on your favourite milkshake and watching movies. But we often leave out an essential part of grooming that is Nail grooming. Nails are a relatively small area of our body which is why their neglect comes easy. Don’t you feel happy when you get your fresh set of nails done especially when you get them in the Paintbox sale? You do! and that’s your self-care right there! Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consider nail grooming as a crucial part of your self-care regimes;


  • It makes you feel Good

Imagine you’ve had a rough day. All you will crave then, is to get home, change into warm comfy clothes, and put on some good music while you also take out your nail paints. You gradually paint your nails, one stroke at a time. As the colours coat your nail, you start enjoying the process, swaying your head to the music, feeling happier by the minute. Painting your nails can indeed be therapeutic because of the use of colours. It can bring you the good vibes on days when things get too harsh. Get this therapeutic experience for yourself by buying high-quality nail paints at amazing prices using Paintbox coupon codes.


  • Boosts your confidenceĀ 

Well, don’t you just feel extra powerful when your nails are in perfect shape, painted with bold colours, and compliment your outfit?Ā  You surely do. Grooming brings you a lot of confidence in not only the way you appear to others but how you feel about yourself. It makes a lot of difference when you are well dressed, with a radiant skin-tone, your hair in perfect shape, and shoes that match your energy. In addition, your nails are also perfectly groomed. It completes your look. You are able to have fun and witty conversations. You interact with others in a carefree and confident manner because your mind is not preoccupied with thoughts on how you look.Ā  But this confidence comes at the cost of time and effort. You have to devote some time doing skin care, hair styling, nail filing, etc. So, do take some time for your nails and apply some basic colour and appreciate this part of your beauty as well. Using Paintbox discount codes you prevent highly costly nail care kits and buy nail paints at extremely affordable prices at Paintbox.


  • Gives you a distinct personality

The way you dress is a direct reflection of who you are from the inside. Our thoughts, and ideas define our choices regarding dressing and curating creative looks. Whether you like dressing cute, with pastel-colored clothes, adorable hairstyles, fruit-themed nails, and a small, cute handbag. Or you like to look fierce with glamorous dresses, mesmerising hair, bold lips, and even bolder nail colours. Whatever look you prefer, your nails announce your presence. People remember you by your little choices. Like that in the colours, designs, and shapes of your nails. It somehow becomes a defining characteristic of us. So, you would want to be more conscious of how your nails are adding to your looks and personality. And to do so you need to try everything at first before you narrow down on ‘your’ style. You can experiment and buy different colored nail paints with minimal spending at Paintbox and using Paintbox promo codes on your orders.Ā 


  • Sparkle ups your outfit

Any outfit without good-looking nails is incomplete. Imagine wearing a gorgeous, flowy gown, with delicate-looking braids and stilettos. It looks like they have just come out of barbie movies. But when you look in the mirror something seems missing and as you raise your hand to inspect what is missing, you realise it’s your nails. Your pail nails compliment your dress poorly. They seem to ruin that entire look you had visualised in your mind. So, when preparing for important events do not forget to get your nails done and if you don’t have the time just order artificialĀ  nails with a range of exquisite designs at affordable prices. You can use the Paintbox website for nail art related products and buy the same at cheaper prices using Paintbox offers.Ā 


  • Gets you office ready

Pretty nails not only enhance your everyday casual look. They can also spice up your professional looks. When you take care of your skin, hair, and nails, you come across as someone who is aware and confident in their style. So don’t overlook your nails when deciding on your formal looks because they too contribute to your professionalism. They will enhance your daily looks in a manner that will have your colleagues saying, “do you go to the salon every day?”. At Paintbox, buy nude, dark, pastel and many more shades for nail paints to suit your daily formal wear needs. Flaunt at your workplace every day by shipping at Paintbox with Paintbox deals.


Grooming is an absolutely essential part of self-care. When you look good, you feel good. Nails often get sidetracked. Paintbox coupons solve this problem for you. It brings home salon-like nail care where you can get your favourite colours and designs at super impressive pricing. You can even buy artificial nails in all sorts of designs and colours. With Paintbox shopping getting the nails of your dream is no more a hassle. Visit Paintbox and treat your nails!