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Runtv365 is one of the major overseas soccer relay sites.

Real-time sports broadcasting

Although it is mainly shown in real-time sports broadcasts, you can only watch some sports broadcasts. Overseas soccer relay is a service that allows you to watch all real-time sports broadcasts around the world.

Relay without login

Overseas soccer relay without login and sports relay without login are the only Korean TVs in Korea. The picture quality is also the best in the industry, and after paying the official fee, we provide free sports broadcasting service.

Overseas sports broadcasting

Overseas sports broadcasting means a sports broadcasting platform that allows you to watch all sports in the world live on mobile, PC, and various latest smart devices in real time

Premier league broadcast

Spain’s top football league. Although the official name is erroneously known as ‘Primera Division de España’, which means the first division of Spain, the official name of the Primera League broadcast was changed to La Liga after the league branding reorganization called La Liga. . From the 2016-17 seasons, it was decided to call it ‘ La Liga Broadcast ‘ rather than using the name ‘La Liga Relay ‘, which includes the sponsor BBVA. However, it was decided that not receiving support from a sponsor for the league title was a significant economic loss, so during the 2019-20 season, we signed a sponsorship contract with Santander Bank and decided to use the name ‘La Liga Relay Santander’ for 5 years.

Bundesliga Broadcast refers to the German and Austrian football broadcasting sports leagues abroad. The name of the Bundesliga is also used for handball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and rugby leagues.

Serie a broadcast

It refers to the first division of the Italian soccer relay Serie relay, which consists of a total of 4 divisions. The meaning of Serie A , which provides a live 해외축구중계 service,  originally meant just the first division. So, Italian basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey and rugby leagues are also called Serie A Relay (or A1). It belongs to the so-called four major soccer leagues in the world.


Overseas sports broadcasting

League broadcast

The first divisions of France’s overseas soccer relay league is the league broadcast. As a soccer league in which France and Monaco participate, the name Ligue 1 means the first division, Ligue Broadcasting in Korean terms. The FIFA Online series was called by the title ‘Lige’ because of the wrong transliteration, but when the French ‘gue’ comes at the end of the word, it’s pronounced ‘He’. That’s the league broadcast. Currently, in the Korean press, it is almost commonly used as a ligan relay, but the correct pronunciation is not a league ang, but a league ang relay. # Because of the unique French enchainment.

Mlb relay

Overseas baseball broadcasts, that is, MLB broadcasts, have a significant meaning as a ‘dream stage’ for boys in Latin America. Especially in many Caribbean countries (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, etc.), there are even baseball academies established solely for the purpose of becoming MLB baseball players in the major leagues. Starting with Mlb Broadcasting, an overseas sports broadcasting service, he is working hard with longing for great wealth and fame in the big leagues. In conclusion, baseball dreamers know well from the curriculum that they get great wealth and fame through broadcasting.

Nova relay

The NBA is famous for its tight game schedule. In the regular season of overseas sports broadcasts, 82 games will be played over 25 weeks. On average, Neva plays four games a week. There are also occasional back-to-back (2 consecutive days) schedules. The game is 8 minutes longer. The average playing time of Neva relay players has significantly decreased. As of March 2, 2018, when the 2018-19 seasons is in progress, the players who played the longest in the NBA, James Harden and Bradley Bill, were 37.4 minutes, and two players in the 36th squad played for more than 35 minutes. However, if you look at the 1997-98 season, Michael Finley, who played 41.4 minutes, were the leader, and 7 people played more than 40 minutes, Michael Jordan, who played 38.8 minutes, ranked 17th, and Gary Payton, who played 38.4 minutes, ranked 20th?

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