Orbi Satellite Offline? Here’s How to Fix it!


Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system is a top-notch networking device in this digital era. With the help of this device, millions of people enjoy the blazing fast internet along with the amazing features of the device. All the users of Orbi use the orbilogin.net web URL to access the login page of their device. But, nowadays, they are not able to access it due to the Orbi satellite offline issue. If you are also sailing on to the same boat and looking for guidance to fix the issue, then you are at the right place.

Here, in this write up we will walk you through the reasons why your Orbi satellite going offline along with the troubleshooting tips that work effectively and quickly. So, let’s start without further delay!

Reasons: Orbi Satellite Going Offline

Well, numerous factors can occurs this issue but we discuss only big ones with you so that you can remove the issue from its roots.

Technical Glitches

The foremost reason is temporary hiccups in the networking device that is occurs due to the over usage. They stop the functions of the device which also led to the Orbi satellite offline issue.

No Internet Connectivity

Stable and reliable internet is very important to keep the Orbi satellite online. If your Orbi router is not connected to a stable internet connection, then you may face the issues.

Outdated Firmware

We all know that firmware in the networking device plays a crucial role. But, when it runs on its outdated version, then it put the device at higher risk and also corrupts the files of the device.

Wireless Interference

WiFi interference in networking devices is very common. This can occur mostly when networking devices are placed near electronic gadgets.

Improper Power Supply

To get the best performance from the device, it should be connected to a good working wall outlet because power outage causes issues in the devices.

That’s, all about the reasons why your device going offline. If you want to fix this issue in no time and want your device back online then follow the quick hacks mentioned in the following passages.

Fix: Orbi Satellite Going Offline

Check Power Supply

The very first thing you need to do is ensure that the power socket being used by you for power supply to the Orbi device is providing fluctuation-free electricity or not. If you found any problem with the wall outlet, then try connecting the satellite to another power socket.

Note: The wall outlet you use for your Orbi satellite must be within the range of the Orbi router. By doing this the Orbi devices synced properly with each other.

Check Internet Connection

Another solution to fix the issue is to check the internet connection. We advise you to contact the internet service provider first to ensure that the internet package you use is active or not. Apart from it, also ask him about the internet speed. If you see everything is fine from his side, move to the next hack.

Verify Your Orbi is Properly Configured

Now you should check that your device is configured perfectly via the Orbilogin page. If your device is partially or improperly configured, then you may face the offline issue on your satellites. In case you are not sure about the configuration of your device, then consider resetting the Orbi and configuring it again.

Reboot the Device

As we already mentioned above Orbi satellite offline issue can occur if there is some technical glitch in your device. So, to fix it you need to power cycle the Orbi router as well as the satellite. You can do this by simply unplugging your Orbi devices and plugging them back into the wall outlet.

Avoid Wireless Interference

Wireless interference in networking devices is not good because it slows down the internet speed of the device. So, to fix it, you need to take the electronic devices away from the Orbi because these devices have electromagnetic waves which cause wireless interference.

Hence, these are the hacks that you can use to fix the Netgear Orbi offline issue in no time. However, you also use these solutions to fix the Orbi blinking white light issue.


We hope this write will assist you to fix the Orbi satellite offline issue in a hassle-free manner. Once the issue is resolved your device will get online again.