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The US’s overall yearly charitable giving increased by 9.85 percent between 2016 and 2017, indicating consistent, strong growth in the majority of donation categories and important recipient subsectors. To an estimated $66.9 billion, fundraising trends increased by 6.0 percent in 2017.

According to all research and sector forecasting projections, foundation giving in the US will continue to increase consistently for the foreseeable future. Although the behaviour of the stock market and overall economic health are closely correlated with foundation giving, over the past five years, it has increased regardless of changes in the S&P and GDP.

In the upcoming decade, foundation giving will increase significantly as a result of changing demographics and technological advancements. Millennials who are upwardly mobile have been found to be more inclined than any previous generation to use their riches to have a greater social impact. Groups like the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, together with the surge in popularity of donor-advised funds and online fundraising tools, have all served as examples of this trend.

Campaigns that take advantage of millennials’ propensity to contribute in line with their values and incorporate charitable endeavours into daily life will be quite successful.

When matching client programmes to specific fundraising organisations, GDS carefully takes into account both general trends in charitable giving and high-growth opportunities in the NPO and charitable sectors. Our researchers employ cutting edge software called My Best Prospects in addition to trend predictions and research to find the potential donors most likely to support a particular cause or project.

This research-based methodology is applied early on in our Assessment of Opportunity and is included in each initial service proposal. From there, we may assist in adjusting and focusing each client’s particular strategy for accomplishing their fundraising objective.