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On the market, Kittles is the most well-known and trustworthy duck call supplier.

The J.J. Lares Magnum Duck is a duck call produced by J.J. Lares. Many delighted clients and favorable remarks have been made about the company’s product selection. The Magnum Hen, their most recent creation, is fast becoming a favorite among duck hunters across the country (which is unquestionably worth obtaining if you’re searching for duck calls).

The Magnum is a well-known duck call utilized by duck hunters across the West Coast. They may be used as a backup or instead of going after ducks, and they’re wonderful for practicing your calls. Its sound quality is obvious why so many duck hunters like this call.

Everything You Need To Know About Magnum JJ Lares Calls

The Magnum JJ Lares is a well-known duck call among Kittle’s clients and hunters throughout the United States. Many individuals feel that the Magnum JJ Lares is one of the finest options available. Its high-pitched, sharp squeal may be utilized to draw ducks and other waterfowl, such as geese, during the breeding season, when hunting limitations are in place. The Magnum Hen product is a popular substitute for both regular buyers and explorers trying something new. Magnums are simple to use and produce good results.

The lure’s appealing to birds, which is one of the reasons it works. It has a big diaphragm that makes loud noises when activated appropriately and is excellent for both fast action and slow-motion hunting. This implies you’ll get excellent outcomes every time whether you want to stand on the beach or someone who hunts from their boat.

About JJ Lares Duck Calls

JJ Lares’ duck calls were recognized at the National Duck Calling Contest and Ducks Unlimited. For over three decades, this Chico-based company has been producing one of the world’s most highly valued duck calls, which has earned it numerous honors. JJ Lares’ duck calls are ideal presents for any sportsman who likes hunting ducks. They’re simple to use and make a wide range of noises. Customers choose black above all other colors, although the many color options are appealing.

JJ Lares has been producing duck calls for a long time. The Magnum Hen, one of their newest products, is quickly becoming a favorite among hunters. This call gives your mixed breed a powerful hen mallard presence while also improving the sound quality and effectiveness of its call. This call improves the audio quality and efficacy of their hybrid call by adding a strong hen mallard presence. JJ Lares is one of the top names in the business, so look no further than Kittles Outdoor to discover them.

About Kittles Outdoors

Since its foundation in 1999, Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport in Uptown Colusa, California, has served the community. It is a family-owned business that has been in operation for several generations and continues to do so in the region. Kittle’s sells both poultry and game meat. Customers who have recently relocated to the area should be informed about local hunting and fishing goods as soon as possible. The Park Store at Colusa-Sacramento River State Park sells live bait, which may be found near the Grey Life Wildlife Area, Delevan State Fish Hatchery, Sutter Fish Hatchery, and Colusa wildlife refuges (including hunting and fishing).

The strident, demanding cry of the hen mallard is used. This vocalization, which produces birds flying over marsh noisemaking that may be utilized to open tuleys, creates a commanding female mallard presence with birds circling above a marsh noisemaking. This component may be used to create a powerful female duck presence by combining it with your hybrid call. If you’re searching for high-quality businesses like JJ Lares, look no farther than Kittles Outdoor. We’re sure that if you visit our website, you’ll find the ideal calling for attracting ducks.

Why Offer Outdoor Gear in Colusa, CA?

Hunting, fishing, camping, and trekking are well-known cultural touchstones in Northern California that many people are unaware of. This is why Kittles Outdoor has become such a precious refuge for nature enthusiasts in California. We offer a wide range of outdoor gear and supplies to anybody seeking to enjoy California’s natural beauty. From duck calls to fishing lures, we have everything you need to get started on your next outdoor excursion.

We’re delighted to be one of the few Colusa, CA companies that have a comprehensive range of outdoor gear. We feel that everyone should have access to high-quality outdoor equipment wherever they live. That’s why all purchases over $100 come with absolutely no shipping fee. So, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice camper, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website right now and see for yourself!

The JJ Lares Magnum Hen is the Best!

On the west coast, JJ Lares is a well-known brand. As a result of the most recent news, certain individuals were already aware of it and had already purchased it. JJ Lares is a well-established business that releases a new JJ Lares call every year to satisfy the demands of its customers. These are unquestionably the finest yet! According to our opinion, if you buy this product, it will sound like a hen mallard and be able to drive tawks effectively. Providing appealing choices is one of the most efficient methods to demonstrate client gratitude, according to us. Providing great alternatives is one of the most powerful techniques for expressing client appreciation!

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