On the contrary, injecting fillers may help to correct


Fillers are used to make the skin smooth and firm. They are injected into the skin so that it looks more youthful. Fillers may be applied to specific areas to fill in wrinkles and increase the volume of the lips. Many people believe that fillers are harmful to the body. In fact, they are completely harmless. Injecting them into the body is not dangerous.

On the contrary, injecting fillers may help to correct the facial features, including lips, nose and eyes. However, you should only use them to fill 1ml belotero lips in wrinkles and deep folds. You should also talk with a doctor about it.

Before you undergo any cosmetic procedure, you should be sure of its safety. It is a good idea to consider all possible complications when you are choosing a cosmetic procedure. You should also discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon and the results he can achieve.

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Make sure that you understand what risks you are taking by undergoing the procedure. You must remember that the risks may increase if you inject too much of the filler. Always inform your doctor about your medical history. You should be aware of the side effects that may occur after undergoing a particular procedure.