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CureMD Software

CureMD is a cloud-based EMR software that can be used by physicians to manage patient records. The program saves time by allowing physicians to share referrals and results. It is user-friendly and can help physicians increase their claim success rates. It is developed by Kareo EMR, a software company that specializes in healthcare and human resources management. The company was founded by three physicians and has more than 500,000 customers, of which 20% are physicians.

Onc 2015 edition compliant

CureMD EMR is an integrated solution that includes electronic health records, practice management, patient portal, and medical billing services. It is ONC 2015 edition compliant and has been designed to support Meaningful Use Stage 2 and 3 requirements. CureMD EHR is also HIPAA compliant and provides smooth connectivity to over 40,000 stakeholders.

CureMD has chosen the DrFirst EPCS GoldSM 2.0 system to support its e-prescribing capabilities. It is committed to addressing the problem of prescription drug abuse in the United States, which is one of the major challenges facing medical providers today. The DrFirst system helps medical professionals ensure the safety and security of their medication, and also enables secure communication and collaboration.

CureMD EHR software is popular and well-reviewed, and provides everything a practice needs to manage electronic health records. It includes a streamlined knowledge base that provides useful information to users. The software also facilitates communication with patients, making it a useful tool for medical practices. Moreover, it is ONC-certified and MIPS-ready.

Easy to use

CureMD allows users to review a patient’s medical history using their mobile devices, and it can communicate with them in real time. Its easy-to-use interface supports a wide range of clinical disciplines, while staying compliant with industry standards. It can be customized to suit the unique workflow of a practice.

CureMD offers a variety of training options to help healthcare professionals maximize their use of its software. The software comes with five on-demand training sessions per provider. Users can also visit CureMD’s e-Learning center to learn the basics and advanced features of the program.

CureMD’s comprehensive revenue cycle management solution automates and integrates patient billing, scheduling, electronic billing, and administrative reporting, helping providers maximize their efficiency and improve profitability. Its award-winning user interface and point-and-click technology streamline workflow and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Three implementation models

CureMD EMR was designed to meet the needs of all professionals in the architecture of patient care, from physicians to payers and patients. The system’s streamlined workflow makes it easy for clinicians and other healthcare professionals to access information quickly and easily. It can be customized to meet practice workflows and workflow requirements, and is compliant with industry standards and best practices.

CureMD offers three implementation models: On-Demand, On-Premise, and Enterprise. Each model requires minimal upfront investment, training, and support, and overcomes many of the costs associated with implementing an EMR system. With the On-Demand model, you can access CureMD round-the-clock without incurring any expenses. You can also opt for an enterprise installation model if you need complete control over your EMR data.

An EMR can help reduce storage costs and increase productivity. Compared to paper records, electronic records allow providers to store more data for longer periods of time. Moreover, patients can access their medical records instantly. This means that you won’t have to worry about missing important details.

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Limited customer support

CureMD EMR offers a comprehensive range of features that streamline the practice’s operations and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices. These features allow the practice to maximize its returns and save time and money. The software is easy to use and provides customizable tools for practice workflows.

However, the CureMD software isn’t without its problems. Although it offers a patient portal, it doesn’t run smoothly on some web browsers. Also, it has limited customer support, and its support staff aren’t available on weekends and holidays. Also, it isn’t available on Android and doesn’t offer a trial version. There is also no mention of pricing on the company’s website, so potential users must contact a company representative to get further assistance.

CureMD EMR is an all-in-one cloud platform that integrates electronic medical records, practice management, and an iPad application. Its web technology helps physicians streamline practice operations and ensure compliance, while improving patient care and reducing costs. It supports specialty workflows, patient portals, and order sets. It also integrates with insurance and credit card services.