Netflix viewers left unable to sleep after watching ‘nightmare’ new movie


Netflix viewers left unable to sleep after watching ‘nightmare’ new movie

Netflix viewers have taken to social media after watching the “grotesque” horror film Viking Wolf, saying that it gave them “nightmares” and left them unable to sleep alone

The film is about a teenage girl who turns into a werewolf and shows terrifying scenes of people being ripped apart.

Some fans were even left too scared to go to bed alone after watching the film, which includes some extreme violence.

The movie follows a 17-year-old girl named Thale who moves to the Norwegian town of Nybo with her family.

After struggling to fit in and make friends she gets invited to a party by a man named Jonas.

Thale and three other girls are attacked at the party by a scary monster that brutally murders one of the girls.

Thale is also bitten by the scary beast and then starts changing into a werewolf.

One of the scary scenes saw Thale eat her friend, after becoming blood thirsty during a full moon.

Fans have taken to Twitter to comment on the scary horror.

One person said: “My eight year old sister thought she was smart and snuck watched The Viking Wolf on Netflix.

“She has been slinking into my room round midnight as the nightmares are nightmaring.”

This one tweeted: “Watching Netflix scary Film just now (Viking Wolf) I know, it is not a good idea at this late time of night.”

Another called the movie “grotesque”.

Netflix fans are often left terrified by the scary movies on the streaming platform.

Recently fans were left with nightmares after watching South Korean thriller The Call.

The film, which originally came out in November 2020, sees two women connected through a phone call which spans across time – with one women living in the present and the other living in the past.,60760961.html


Some fans are just discovering the film now and can’t believe the “sickening” nature of the film.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “The Call on Netflix is crazy as hell. I may have to rewatch that because wtf.”

Another said: “The Call on Netflix was so crazy but dope.”