Necessary Skills For SAP Basis Administrator

Necessary Skills For SAP Basis Administrator
Necessary Skills For SAP Basis Administrator


SAP Basis is the operational layer of the SAP system that looks after communications happening between the application and the database layers. It additionally, manages some extra tasks like user management, giving authorizations, monitoring performance, and also system configuration. To learn more about this platform’s features, take an SAP Basis Training. It will help you prepare with good guidance and also on the correct path. This layer is very crucial for SAP management. Therefore, learning to work will further make your career open for more opportunities.

What is SAP Business Suite?

It is actually a collection of software suites that go ahead in the SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC). SAP Business Suite is a collection of end-to-end enterprise solutions. It mainly integrates data, different processes, and key functions for necessary business areas. These areas can be human resources, other financial operations, sales department, among many others.

What Necessary SAP Skills Do You Need?

SAP skills are the basic ability to make use of SAP software for solving business problems. This business suite is actually a set of integrated applications allowing organizations to better manage their business processes.

However, there is a set of some necessary skills that every SAP Basis administrator must be well aware of. Getting proficiency in these skills you certainly make you much better at your job. Also, giving an excellent medium to promote some extra value of SAP operations.

1. Cloud Management

As more and more companies are switching their SAP workload to the cloud; getting some basic understanding of the cloud environment is very crucial. However, in most case elements of your SAP landscape generally remains on-premise. Thus, you can’t get away from the necessary knowledge regarding SAP automation operation. Where it can be hybrid, multi-hybrid, or other SAP landscapes. Also, irrespective of the domain you choose, clouding knowledge is always beneficial.

2. Integration of SAP SaaS Solutions

There are typically some Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like Ariba, Concur, or SuccessFactors within the complicated SAP landscape. Additionally, it’s typical to combine corporate SaaS solutions from sources other than SAP with your SAP systems. Therefore, learning how to manage, govern, and protect SaaS products as well as how to integrate them with your company’s core applications effectively is a very valuable ability.

Learning more about SAP SaaS solutions will help you be able to advocate for SAP. Additionally, its data storing among your larger IT operations teams.

3. ServiceNow

These ITSM tools help in the infrastructure and operations of the teams for managing IT support services. They are heavily useful by IT service desks and other IT service delivery functions to take care of tasks and workflow operations; like;

  • Event
  • Incident
  • Request
  • Problem
  • Access

4. Basis Automation

Basis automation or in simple words automated SAP operations. SAP Basis consultants build intelligence into your SAP operations and eliminate manual activities for building their own automation. Automation actually allows businesses to work even smarter to utilize people’s expertise and knowledge to strengthen growth. SAP monitoring is actually a highly manual and also error-prone process. Further, using SAP monitoring automation and its maintenance features, you can easily automate everyday activities.

Now, when you get the time to solve issues earlier and faster, you can add value to the project for a longer duration. Overall, improving your organization’s efficiency, better customer experience, and other security resilience.

5. Kubernetes and Containerization

Kubernetes is actually a portable, extensible, and also open-source platform. It looks after the management of containerization workloads and other services. Additionally, it adheres to both automated and declarative configurations. It has a huge, expanding ecosystem.

There are several methods to employ Kubernetes and containerization in a SAP system, and most frequently they go hand in hand with cloud migration.


All these are some necessary knowledge for an SAP Basis administrator. If you have some basic knowledge of all these platforms and functions, you can efficiently work. Start with SAP Basis Training Institute in Gurgaon to get aware of all basic and advanced knowledge of this platform.