Myth or Truth: Bad Water Causes Hair Loss


You might have heard lots of people saying that their hair loss has increased exponentially after their stay in Dubai. These people blame the Dubai city water for their condition. They think that the water is saltwater so it affects the growth of their hairs.

Many hair experts have said over and over that water is not responsible for baldness and dryness. And have said that baldness and hair loss is caused by the underlying health condition of a person. Still many people claim that their problem started when they started living in Dubai. Expert insists that the hair weakness due to tape water is impossible and is just a myth.

Reasons for hair loss

Change in the environment can affect the hair of a person to some extent. But none of which includes hair fall. Hair follicles are very sensitive. And react to different conditions differently but hair loss due to water is not one of those conditions. The main reason for hair fall is poor diet, stress or health problem. The environmental condition does not affect hair growth.


Poor nutrition is one of the main causes of hair fall in both men and women. If someone is losing too many hairs while showering then most likely due to poor nutrition. And should contact the doctor to decrease hair loss. Hair fall can also be caused by poor health or the medicines a person is taking.


In most male cases hair loss is genetic and their balding usually follow a pattern. The balding starts with the receding hairs in the hairline which is then followed by balding in the back of the scalp. The balding are then joined with your hairline patch through continuous balding. Hair fall due to the genetic problem is not much common in women unless there is lots of balding in the females of her family. Genetic balding in men could even skip a generation which is the reason that people get bald even when both of their parents have full hair on their heads. This can happen due to both genetics and bad nutrition.

Hormone Level

During the high level of stress, hair can enter into the resting phase if the stress level continues then it can lead to hair fall. Change in hormone level or a poor health condition could lead to balding as well. There are nearly 50 hormonal conditions that could lead to balding. Most of these conditions are caused by fluctuation in health conditions.

How to identify your hair loss reason?

The key to the reduction of hair fall is to identify the cause of hair fall and treat it before it can cause baldness. However, if you still think that tape water is causing baldness in your hair then you should install a filter in your shower which could reduce dryness in hair due to water. Dubai tab water has nothing to do with your hair fall. A blood test will give you a full idea about the problem you have with your hair fall.

Treatment Option

There are two techniques being used for the hair recovery FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) while the other is called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The FUE is a modern technique while FUT is an old technique. FUE creates no scar and has less recovery time.

Hair loss is often associated with men and usually. When we hear about hair transplant in Dubai we think that the topic at hand is for men. But that is not always the case female too have hair loss problems and usually go under the treatment to increase their hair density.