Mountain Climbing in Texas: Ultimate Guide


No matter your background or preferences Texas has a lot of amazing locations for you to explore. This beautiful state is very diverse with several breath-taking locations which will make you feel as if you visited a completely different country somewhere far away.  It features anything from desert badlands and beautiful refreshing coastlines to magnificent mountain tops and peaceful prairies. There is an adventure awaiting just about anyone. This includes both professional climbers and recreational adventurers who simply want a nice view. There are several beautiful locations for you to visit, but where to start? Exploring these places is both exhilarating and challenging, this is because there are a handful of things to learn first before you start your journey. A good preparation will make the trip that much better. Here is everything you need to know when mountain climbing and exploring in Texas. 

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock is a pink granite mountain which is located in the Llano Uplift. This 640-acre area is also the second biggest monolithic dome in the country. It features two domes which are located in between other smaller rock formations. The main dome has the highest concentration of long high-quality granite routes. This area is great for beginners who aren’t familiar with camping, but also professional explorers, as well as anyone who is passing by. You should know, however, that some parks do not even allow camping.  Luckily, the great thing about visiting places like these in Texas is that you do not necessarily have to camp out in the wilderness but choose one place to stay such as the Brownsville apartments for rent and then come back and visit different parts of this amazing natural area. This allows you to get proper rest between your adventures, so that you can continue exploring to the fullest capacity. In addition, Enchanted rock features amazing granite slabs which are perfect for all climbers and bouldering enthusiasts. 

Reimer’s Rancho Park

This park is quite versatile as it boasts several different activities which you can try out. Mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, and hiking are all waiting for you at this beautiful spot. There is also a beautiful Pedernales River where you can fish and go for a swim if you want to cool off during summer rock climbing sessions. Just make sure to get all of the necessary equipment such as compact automatic knives which are going to make activities such as river fishing or rope cutting much easier. The latter is almost inevitable since Reimer’s Ranch offers a multitude of bolted sport climbs, which are just above 50 feet and an average range difficulty of 5.32. There are also many thrilling bouldering routes along the river bank. The park is open from 7 a.m. early in the morning until twilight, which allows you to get a full day of adventures.

Santa Elena

Santa Elena is by far the most popular hiking area in Big Bend National Park. It features gigantic canyon wall which will follow you as you go around the Rio Grande River. Good thing for rock climbers is that it features decent elevation with a well-maintained trail for you to follow. However, be careful with your timing. Temperatures can get to well over 100 degrees during summer time. You can also choose to take an exciting “boomerang” trip where you paddle upstream and return downstream if you are up for an extra challenge. 

Emory Peak

Some of the most stunning views in Texas are experienced during the South Rim to Emory Peak hike. You can choose to go both clockwise or counterclockwise. Just make sure to prepare enough gear as this is usually done as a backpacking trip and camping is possible. During the day you will not need a permit. The two points combine and sum up to a 15.2 miles range with over 3000ft of elevation. 

Hueco Tanks State Park

If you are specifically into bouldering, you will definitely have to visit the Hueco Tanks State Park which is located around 30 miles east of El Paso. This is an 860-acre area with massive rocks and basins. The sport of bouldering is incredibly popular here attracting hundreds of visitors in the busiest season from October to March. There is a challenge for everyone here, both beginners and pros. With an array of bouldering routes ranging from V0 difficulty all the way up to V16. It is interesting to know that the V scale difficulty grading was invented at Hueco by John Sherman, a pioneering boulderer. 

There is no mistake with visiting Texas as a mountain climber or a boulderer, with stunning places like: Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Reimer’s Ranch Park, Santa Elena, Emory Peak and Hueco Tanks State Park.