Most Successful Products in e-Commerce


If you’re considering starting an e-commerce business, you’ll need to find the right products to sell. With e-commerce, you have the freedom to choose what you sell, so it’s up to you to figure out what your customers want from your website. Several e-commerce business structures exist, including selling products or services, subscriptions, and memberships. Of course, most e-commerce businesses sell products, so if you do the same, you’ll have a lot of competition. That said, there’s room for every business in the e-commerce industry. Wondering what you should sell online? Consider these most successful products in e-commerce. 


Supplements are one of the most popular products sold online, especially as younger generations become increasingly more interested in health and wellness. Supplements are popular because they promote health, but there are also a variety of supplements to choose from, allowing any seller to find the right supplements for their customers. 


You can buy tea at your local grocery store, but if you’re a tea enthusiast, you probably buy your tea online. Most tea shops have gone out of business over the years because people prefer coffee. However, if you love tea, you may have a few favorite online shops that are known for their quality or special types of tea and blends. 


Of course, business owners shouldn’t sell tea unless they’re willing to learn as much as possible about it. People who love tea expect you know everything there is to know about your blends, including where they’re grown and how it’s sourced. In addition, when selling supplements, you must be careful of what you post on your website. While there are some proven benefits of certain types of tea, you should never make any claims online. 

Yoga Supplies

Everyone who loves yoga knows a few companies offer superior yoga mats and other supplies, and some of these products aren’t sold in stores. Yoga mats are a popular e-commerce product because they have multiple uses; they’re not just used for yoga. Instead, you can use them on your hardwood floor at home when you’re working out.

Athleisure Apparel 

Athleisure apparel is trendy and makes you comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Major brands have made it possible to buy your favorite products online without the need to purchase them in stores. Athleisure apparel is also easier to purchase online because you can compare pricing and find more variety. Of course, if you plan to sell these products online, you’ll need to source the highest quality products because your customers will be looking for top brands. However, you can also target certain customers by selling high-quality products that aren’t from top brands to attract more customers who may not be able to afford designer clothes. 

Home Office Products

More people are working from home now than ever, so it’s no wonder the most successful products in e-commerce are meant for home offices. Desks, chairs, and computers are hot-selling items for anyone trying to create the perfect home office with minimal distractions. In addition, e-commerce sellers can target entire companies instead of individual consumers, potentially increasing their sales by offering products in bulk and discounts for corporate customers. 

Baby Products

If you have a young child at home, you don’t have tons of time to do your shopping. Whether you need diapers, baby monitors, swings, or toys, you may choose to do all your shopping for your child online. Baby products are popular because busy parents don’t have time to shop. In addition, taking young children to the store could be a hassle that parents would be happy to avoid. 

Pet Products

Pet parents love their pets, and the pet industry is worth billions of dollars. You can sell everything online, from pet food to toys, harnesses, and even pet clothing. Of course, pet supplies stores are still popular, but it’s easier for consumers to purchase their pet supplies online. In addition, e-commerce companies like Amazon and Chewy offer subscription services, so you’ll never run out of pet toys or treats ever again. E-commerce companies can take advantage of this trend by offering quality pet products as a subscription service and promising personalized options based on their pet’s needs. 


The bed-in-a-box trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Anyone can purchase a mattress online, and many of the most popular mattress companies give consumers options depending on their sleeping positions and preferences. Mattresses are a popular e-commerce product because they’re more convenient to purchase online as long as you don’t feel the need to test your mattress before buying it. Luckily, many companies offer sleep trials that allow you to try the mattress for a few weeks or months before committing. 

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen appliances are another successful e-commerce product because everyone needs them, but no one wants to go to a store to purchase them. Purchasing indoor or outdoor kitchens online is more convenient, and there’s no need to test them before you buy them. Whether it’s frying pans, utensils, or coffee makers, selling kitchen supplies online from several brands can be a successful business as long as you can properly market your products to customers. 


Whether you play video games or board games, one of the best places to get your favorite games and gaming products is online. While most consoles still use disc games, most gamers purchase their favorite games online instead of purchasing a hard copy in stores. That being said, if you have an old gaming system without internet capabilities, you can purchase everything from Nintendo 64 games to old Sega games and gaming systems. 

Beauty Products

Everyone needs hygiene and beauty products, but you may not want to purchase them at the local store or get guilted into getting a haircut when you visit the salon. Luckily, almost all beauty products you can get in stores are available online, and you may even be able to find better products online that aren’t sold in stores. But, of course, if you plan to sell beauty products online, you’ll need to differentiate yourself somehow. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to sell pet products, baby products, or hair products, finding the right products for your business is crucial to ensuring its success. Some of the best-selling products online come from manufacturers who create their own products. But, of course, with the right marketing strategy, you can successfully sell any product online as long as you do your research, price your products right, and learn everything there is to know about your customers. 


Megan Isola

Megan Isola holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and a minor in Business Marketing from Cal State University Chico. She enjoys going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with friends.