Modular Kitchen


When it comes to designing your home, the first thing you start with is your kitchen. Kitchen is just not a corner where you cook, but it has always been the protagonist among other spaces in your home. So, if you’re looking to personalise your kitchen here’re the 6 Best Modular Kitchen designs you cannot miss.

There is no doubt that modular kitchen design trends will be one of the most searched trends of 2022. It is becoming more and more common for people to want their kitchen designed reflecting their personal style. This clearly demonstrates that the kitchen has evolved into an integral part of the home design.

In this article you will find out the best 6 modular kitchen trends are hard to resist. Designs that are personalised as per the owner’s lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

6 Best Modular Kitchen Design You Cannot Miss

1. Blend of Vintage & Modern trends

As it’s been observed, 2022 is going to bring many vintage elements back in the modern kitchen design. This will include all the classic cabinets, vintage cabinet knobs, french windows and antique hardware. However, this vintage design is combined with modular kitchen’s functionality.

The coming time will also have the classic wooden furniture back in modular setup. Hence, utility racks, pull-out drawers, cabinets and shutters will still have their importance. As far as the designs are concerned, the cabinets will be designed with a more vintage appeal.

2. Open kitchen looking over the living room

As the families become nuclear and the spaces constricted, the modular kitchen has taken a sweep over the bygone separate kitchen designs that trammelled the housemakers to cook in a confined room. The co-existence of the living room and the kitchen is a fast-emerging trend bringing families together.

We all admire a MasterChef-like setup for our kitchen with walk-in pantries, but our urban lifestyle constrains us to build within the limited space. Hence, the open areas integrated with the living room make it entirely functional and encourage an easy flow of conversations and sharing meals with the family and friends.

3. Two Tier Islands kitchens are swinging in the trends

Have you ever wished for some extra countertop area in your kitchen? We have read your mind! Who would not need an elegant-looking two-tier island kitchen providing some extra countertop space? The lower tier can be used as the prep area, and the top one can be utilized to have dinner or as a serving counter.

4. Bringing The Outdoors Inside

Now you can enjoy your morning breakfast with natural sunlight shining through giving you an outdoor feel and dine with a beautiful view. Definitely one of the amazing design trends of modular kitchens as people these days are preferring more open and natural space. In case your kitchen’s facing the backyard, grow some plants and trees to bring in the outdoor ambience and help you create a charming cooking oasis.

With the help of large sized kitchen windows or open balconies, the contemporary kitchen can also create a sustainable kitchen design taking the advantage of the outdoor environment.

5. Light up your kitchen

Due to the fact that industrial kitchens are coming into style, LED lights are becoming a more prominent feature of such kitchens. A kitchen’s light system will depend on its aesthetics, but mood-changing features, such as natural to warm lighting, are becoming the latest trend.

6. Minimalistic Industrial Modular Kitchen

There is a growing understanding that kitchens need to have both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Thanks to modular kitchens! The popularity of minimalist kitchen designs has risen due to their capacity for maximising space and reducing clutter. In addition, industrial style kitchen designs are becoming more trendy. Industrial style kitchens are best for heavy-duty users and are influenced by the late 1990s American warehouse aesthetic.

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