Model’s religious, family disowned her after scammer leaked racy snaps on OnlyFans!


Blonde bombshell Sava Schultz’s career has skyrocketed after taking control and posting her own explicit pictures – raking in £5k a day and becoming a TikTok sensation

An OnlyFans star has told how her ultra-religious family disowned her after a scammer shared sexy snaps of her online.

But now Sava Schultz, 21, has taken matters into her own hands – and is now raking in £5k a day by sharing her own saucy content.

Whilst studying at university the young model, then 19, had explicit pictures taken without consent by someone she had trusted.

Sava forgot the images were taken until she found that they were being flogged on a fake OnlyFans account.

“Then my social media started blowing up and he started making money off those photos where you can see my chest.”

Intimate photos were not initially part of her plan.

“I wasn’t comfortable,” she explained.

“Then they were all over the internet, leaked on Reddit and my grandfather was the first to see them and he told my whole family and soon my whole hometown knew.”

It was then her relationship with her “super-religious” family became strained.

She said: “My family’s reaction shocked me, they even disowned me for a month and I left home.”

The young model’s connection with her family still remains strained and she said that her brother has completely cut her off.

But after the upset, Sava decided to control her own image and set up her own OnlyFans page.

She said: “I thought if someone is going to exploit me I may as well take control and make profit of my own images.”

“Now the photographer’s photos are redundant as I sell my own”.

Sava now earns around £160K a month from the adult subscription platform.

As well as that she boasts 2.2million followers on TikTok and 1.4million on Instagram.

However, OnlyFans isn’t Sava’s long term career plan.

She said: “I love OnlyFans for the freedom and liberty I get and now I get to help others like my friends who supported me.”

But added: “I want to go back to college and do a business degree.

“I know OnlyFans can’t last forever.”