Microsoft Azure Certification is The Best For IT Certification

Microsoft Azure Certification

Its flagship cloud infrastructure service (IaaS). In 2016, almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies used MS Azure cloud services. The microsoft azure certification base includes Oracle, SAP, and Rolls. Royce, NBC News Channel, BMW, GE Healthcare, and others. Unlimited. The main reason for choosing microsoft azure certification is the efficient management of physical servers and cloud data centers. Are you interested? Join MS Azure Tutorial for more information.

Microsoft azure certification supports up to 32 TB of SAP HANA database servers.

Microsoft has partnered with SAP to provide companies with a proven platform for deploying. And managing SAP resources, whether development or testing. Reduce scalability and cost for SAP HANA workloads. Microsoft announced in November 2016. Up to 32 terabytes of storage for custom OLAP software from SAP HANA and up to 4 terabytes of storage for OLAP. With OLTP software that provides up to 4 terabytes of disk space, all designers and test engineers have the flexibility and ability to work with compressed data. Real-time schedule

Microsoft Announces Azure N Series Availability

Microsoft azure certification is ready for a global N-Series launch in December 2016. With positive customer feedback on the Azure VM family such as A, D, Dv2, F, G, and H. Demand for workflows and datacenters deployed for AI management Powered by NVIDIA® GPU Platforms, Growing Fast. Remote and 3D visualization, advanced research. Azure N Series offers graphics rendering, HPC, GPU-enabled models for teaching and learning, and more for cutting-edge medical research.

The Economic Benefits of Using Microsoft Hybrid

Buying cloud computing services for large companies has always been an expensive task. To reduce this cost, Microsoft introduced the MS Azure Hybrid Use (AHUB) feature. With AHUB, customers can license an on-premises Windows server. (with software warranty) to run MS Azure, regardless of storage or storage requirements. What about data center workloads? AHUB supports low-cost Windows Server virtual machines. Per annum on a virtual machine.

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