Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play Review


If you’re considering playing mega wheel pragmatic play, you’ve likely noticed that there are many new bet types that you may want to consider. In addition to the standard bet options, you can also place bets on Mega Wins, Mega Multipliers, and 500x multipliers. Learn more about Mega Wheel bet types and how to maximize your potential to win by understanding all of the different options available to you. We’ve included a brief review of all of these options in this article, along with a recommendation for your future play.

Mega Wheel

Pragmatic Play has created another fun online casino game with Mega Wheel. The game is based on the same formula as many popular TV games, including Monopoly and Money Wheels. However, Mega Wheel is unlike most of its predecessors. Instead of spinning the wheel and selecting a winning number, players must predict a particular segment to win a cash prize. Mega Wheel also features special bet types, such as the Mega Lucky Number feature, which randomly selects a number for a player’s bet. In addition to Mega Lucky Numbers, the game has a Bet on All feature that places bets on all nine different bet types at once. Additionally, Pragmatic Play offers an autoplay feature, a detailed bet history feature, and live chat support.

The Mega Wheel game is set in a state-of-the-art studio featuring cutting-edge technology. Featuring high-quality visuals and sound effects, the Mega Wheel is a fun way to enjoy a live casino game. Mega Wheel offers generous RNG multipliers of up to 500x. This feature makes it an especially fun choice if you are a fan of live casino games. The progressive jackpots allow players to win even larger sums than those found on other online casinos.


If you’ve ever wished to win 500x your wager, Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play might be your ticket. This live game show from Pragmatic Play offers generous RNG multipliers that could double your money, up to 500x! While this game is available in only English, its production value and entertainment value are both excellent. It isn’t a standard video slot game, but you can find it on desktop or mobile platforms.

You’ll find a few ways to look at your wagering strategy with Mega Wheel. The most straightforward strategy is to weigh your bets towards the lower numbers while avoiding betting on the higher numbers. You’ll hope to land a large multiplier on one of these numbers, but you shouldn’t bet more than you can afford. You’ll also need to consider your playing budget. Betting on every number is high risk, so it’s best to focus your wagering strategy on a few high-value numbers.

Game show presentation

The gameshow vibe is present in the entire Mega Wheel Live presentation. Pragmatic Play was determined to match or even surpass the high levels of engagement that gameshows are known for. In this article, we’ll discuss the presentation style and game play. But before we dive into the presentation, let’s first take a look at what makes gameshows so captivating. Let’s examine the game show presentation. The Mega Wheel has 54 segments, each with its own payout. Bets can range from EUR 0.10 to EUR 1000. Players have 15 seconds to place their bets.

The Mega Wheel presentation is a fusion of TV and live gameshows. The colorful and immersive experience evokes the classic gameshow format, with a host who keeps players engaged. In addition, the game has an interactive mode that allows players to interact with the host, making the experience more immersive. If you’re a fan of TV game shows, Mega Wheel is a great way to practice your skills in this genre.

Bet options

In Mega Wheel, players can make use of the different bet options to make the most of their wins. The game can produce wins up to EUR500 000. Players can choose to wager on all nine options in a single spin, or on one or a few of them. There are also special bet types available, such as Mega Wins, Mega Multipliers, and even 500x multipliers. In addition, the Mega Wheel offers numerous languages and is available in 17 different user interface languages.

One of the most common strategies for Mega Wheel is to hedge your bets by betting on three or four “better” numbers. This can prove to be a profitable long-term strategy. While Pragmatic Play does not offer a live game demo, it does feature a brief video preview. Regardless of the strategy, the player should always consider their budget. However, hedging isn’t the best strategy because it is high-risk.

Win multiplier

The Pragmatic Play team updated the classic roulette game by adding multipliers to the Mega Wheel. Players can now win x50, x100, or even x500 by placing Mega Bets. If you’re interested in finding these bonuses, try placing at least three bets on the same number to maximize your chances of winning. But be careful: you can also lose all your money and still come out ahead. The Mega Wheel is a game of chance, so no strategy is foolproof. But you can make it more profitable by understanding how to place bets.

Pragmatic Play has taken inspiration from the live gaming market to create Mega Wheel. Although the basic principle is simple, it can get boring quickly. Despite this, the facilitators are cheerful and professional, providing a quality session. You can win 500 000EUR, but the potential is not nearly as large as in other games. However, the RNG multipliers on Mega Wheel are very generous. Some players have won as much as 500x their stake with Mega Wheel.