Managing Oneself for Greater Success with IM Academy CEO Chris Terry

Academy CEO Chris Terry

As you strive to achieve your goals in life, you’ll come across one common realization: developing an effective success routine isn’t always easy.  

Though technology has made it easier than ever for the average individual to improve their daily habits and strive for greatness, it still takes a fair amount of willpower to see these objectives through. Ultimately, every activity that one performs will either take them one step further, keep them in place, or even set them back. The Law of Vibration decrees that everything moves, nothing rests. Therefore, if you are not moving toward your goals and striving for greatness, you are actually sliding backwards. You’re either growing or dying (not literally); nothing stays the same.

As such, Chris Terry suggests that you “manage” your habits and routine to ensure your efforts do not go wasted. Of course, this takes a fair amount of time and discipline, so be prepared to put in some work. 

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Almost every successful person in the world devotes much of their energy towards tasks that push the needle forward. By following these Daily Methods of Operation (DMOs) to push your needle forward, you can join the elite ranks. 

Create a Daily Routine 

No empire was built on vague ideas and undeveloped goals. To create something great, one needs consistent and persistent effort. To achieve similar success, you’ll need to incorporate the same value into your own life. By crafting an efficient daily routine that is designed to increase your personal growth, you will feel much more confident knowing every minute of your time is taking you closer to your goals. 

Some items the most successful people add to their routines include: 

  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Doing calls 
  • Hosting / attending events 
  • Showing the plan / presentation

Naturally, these can vary depending on your industry, intentions, and other factors, but by planning your day with a dedicated purpose in mind, you’ll be moving closer to success. One success habit that Chris Terry suggests is to write out your ‘to-do’ list every night, and when you wake up the next morning, get started on the first task right away. If you know exactly what needs to be done the next day, you are more likely to move into effective action.

Develop the Discipline 

Of course, most individuals won’t be able to completely alter their lives to follow these values immediately. Like any change, it will take some time and personal discipline to successfully transform the way you manage yourself. From instruments to languages, humans consistently prove their ability to learn new things — and managing oneself for greater success can be one of them. 

So, don’t be afraid to “develop the discipline,” and be patient with the process. It won’t happen right away, but by telling yourself, “This I will do!” you can follow any command your put your mind to. 

Some strategies to help you develop a success-oriented mindset include: 

  • Watching videos and other educational resources  
  • Talking to mentors to receive advice 
  • Connecting with others who are in the same position to share ideas and offer mutual support 

Final Thoughts 

No matter how you define it, success is always in reach — but it does require discipline. By keeping these values at the forefront of your mind, you can ensure your daily actions are pushing you towards the goals you’ve always dreamed of achieving.  

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