Make Your Product Boxes Eco-Friendly by Using These 7 Beneficial Tricks


Many companies now realize that their packaging needs to be better for the environment. Since billions of tonnes of trashed packaging are piling up in landfills around the world, companies are trying to find ways to use more eco-friendly materials and building methods. The good news is that going green with your product boxes doesn’t have to be hard or cost a lot. You may think about the following seven tricks for help getting started:

  1. Choose Recyclable Material for Product Boxes 

Product boxes can be made using recycled plastic, paperboard, cardboard, and other materials. Before starting production, talk to your packaging manufacturer. Tell them about your goals, budget, and ideas to figure out which materials will work best. It’s up to you to select either recycled or recyclable materials for the boxes.¬†Also, choose water-based coating instead of lamination where possible. Recycling boxes with lamination becomes a bit difficult.¬†

  1. Recycled Options are better 

In the past few years, companies have realized that eco-friendly packaging attracts a niche but growing number of customers. So, use recycled, virgin, or dye-free paper, and other natural materials, to make eco-friendly product boxes wholesale. For example, cardboard is a good choice for the environment. Cardboard is strong and can be recycled many times before its fibres break down. You may also use recycled cardboard as packaging fillers, such as nets, shreds, and chips. 

  1. Create Multipurpose Packaging 

Brands are becoming more sustainable by using multipurpose packaging and new ways to market themselves. Wine bottles that double as resumes and tissue boxes that become eco-friendly toys are examples of the multipurpose packaging available today. Packaging is a great tool to show how socially and environmentally aware a brand is. There are a lot of new and creative packaging ideas on the Internet. You can also be creative with your custom printed product boxes and make them useful for more than one thing.

  1. Mind the Box Size 

By using less packaging, you can have less of an effect on the environment and also save money on transportation. So, you’ll have to put your things in smaller boxes, bags, and other boxes. If you can, try moving your products around and making them smaller to see if you can get away with less packaging. Do you sell bedding, clothes, or any other similar foldable product? Then try folding them nicely or wrapping them up tightly. So they can fit into custom product boxes that are smaller.

  1. Share the Best Way to Dispose of or Recycle Product Boxes 

You should tell your customers how to throw away and recycle your custom printed product boxes in the best way. This can be hard to do because recycling rules vary from place to place. But you can communicate general best practices using clearly labelled reusable or recyclable packaging. Many companies are already doing a great job of saving the environment, like Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day. In addition to the recycling symbol on the bottle, the label also has recycling instructions. For instance, their brand’s label says, at least 30% of the plastic used in the bottles is recycled materials. Please recycle.¬†

  1. Use Sustainable Packaging Inserts

Everyone agrees that we should get rid of Styrofoam peanuts. There are many other ways to protect your goods that work just as well for custom product boxes. If you can’t live without peanuts, buy ones that break down easily. Since they are so easy to throw away, your customers and the environment will thank you. Geami paper, biodegradable burlap bags, tissue paper, and shredded, colourful recycled paper are other options for void fill. They are not only good for the environment but also keep your items safe during shipping

  1. Skip Using Excessive Inner Packaging 

Simply saying, it’s a great approach to save costs quickly. If you don’t need all that extra packing, then there’s no reason to spend money on it. Use just enough padding in product boxes wholesale to protect your valuables without wasting money. Remember that no one wants to be saddled with the task of disposing of a box full of unwanted void fill.

Here are just a few tricks of how you may make your product boxes safer for the environment. Use recycled or recyclable packaging materials and boxes. Reduce the box size and trim the excess packaging. You can use eco-friendly packaging inserts such as starch-based peanut fillers. They are easy to get rid of as they easily dissolve in water. You can also look out for other companies that are taking the initiative to make their brands more eco-friendly.