Looking for the Best Liver Transplant Surgery in Delhi-NCR? Know the Cost Here

Liver transplant

Liver transplant is famous all across the globe today. This surgery focuses on removing either the whole liver or a part of it. The liver that will be replaced comes from either a deceased person or a living donor. So, whichever patient suffers from a poor liver can obtain a liver transplant to get well soon. 

In this article, you can learn about the liver failure transplant in Delhi that promises to provide the utmost care and convenience in need. So, if you are looking for a liver transplant, make sure you read this article thoroughly for information. 

Where To Find the Best Liver Failure Transplant in Delhi?

BLK Hospital and its world-class surgeons are the one-stop solutions for liver failure treatment. The hospital is known for providing the best surgeries with a success rate. The facility and equipment they use are advanced and upgraded. They also ensure that the surgeons who carry out the treatment are well-educated and helpful enough to do their job right. The hospital also features ICU beds for emergencies. As such, you can expect uncompromising treatment with top-class facilities all along the way. 

BLK Max Hospital is also the largest standalone hospital in Delhi. The hospital also focuses on the passion for healing. As such, it leaves no room for the inconvenience at all. Generally, the transplant costs are pretty high. So, it would be best if you were careful. But if you obtain treatment from BLK Max Hospital, they might provide treatment for a more nominal price range. The cost of the procedure is Rs. 18,00,000 in Delhi. 

Who Needs a Liver Transplant?

If you think you are suffering from any of these problems below or have recently been diagnosed with the same, you can obtain a liver failure transplant in Delhi. But make sure that you do more comprehensive research about the same. 

● Liver damage because of Alcoholism

● Long-term (chronic) active infection (Hepatitis B or C)

● Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

● Chronic Liver disease because of HCC

● Congenital disabilities of the Liver or Bile Ducts 

● Metabolic disorders associated with Liver failure 

● Acute Liver Failure

Why Liver Transplant from BLK Max Hospital?

A liver transplant from BLK Max hospital is the best possible solution. 

Here’s why:

1. The Best Doctors at Your Service

Doctors at BLK offer world-class treatment to patients. They make sure that you do not have to face any inconvenience when undergoing a surgical process. There is a versatile range for doctors to provide all kinds of treatment. The same is the case for liver failure too. These doctors first identify what problem you are undergoing. Then, they choose to provide diagnosis and treatment accordingly. The best part about doctors at BLK is that they never let your health be at risk. With their nominal services, they will do everything it takes to restore your good health on time.

2. Highly Reliable for Everyone

Reliability is one of the integral factors we look into in doctors at BLK. These doctors are highly trusted because of their potential to offer world-class services. They hold numerous certifications and awards that can help you to identify them as nothing but the best. Even more interesting is that they have a potential online website that provides availability to its customers 24*7. So, whenever you need their services, you can obtain them without wasting any time.  

3. JCI Accredited Hospital 

Today, BLK Max Hospital is also a JCI Accredited hospital with nearly 650 beds, 125 critical beds, 17 operation theatres, and 300 reputed consultants. So, you never have to worry about the type of treatment they will offer to you. It will be excellent from every angle.  

4. Comfortable Services to Offer

At BLK Max, you will only receive comfortable services. Here, the doctors and the nursing staff make sure that you receive top-quality care under their guidance. After the treatment is over, they will make sure you get comprehensive attention for medical help. So, you can always obtain the best of their services at nominal rates. 

The Bottom Line 

Liver failure is a common problem in many parts of the globe. When the correct type of treatment is not obtained, it could cause deadly results in patients. That is why numerous people pass away each year because of liver problems. If you do not want to be a part of this, connecting with a potential hospital and seeking medical attention on time is good.

If you can observe any symptoms in yourself, do not hesitate to rely on BLK Max Hospital to get the best liver failure transplant in Delhi. Liver failure is a dreadful disease that can take away your life if you are not serious about getting treatment. Do your best to show a doctor and take your medicines on time.