LoginID: Goodbye Passwords!

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For years, people have been accustomed to using passwords to access various services and applications. However, due to the rising prevalence of fraudulent attacks when it comes to stealing identity and confidential data by fraudsters who leverage passwords, the world needs more secure and effective authentication solutions.

Traditional passwords are a point of weakness for security systems, but thanks to the advancement of technology, biometrics can now be used for Strong Customer Authentication. Biometrics is seen to provide an advanced layer of protection for enterprise security systems.

Biometric technology can identify a person by physical and behavioral characteristics. The most common are fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and retina scans.

Biometrics can reduce the vulnerability of security systems by linking proof of identity to identify people based on a certain part of their bodies and behavioral patterns. Hence, it is difficult to steal or impersonate.

Today, biometric authentication has a growing role in everyday security. In truth, biometrics surrounds us as most modern devices include fingerprint scanning and facial recognition for identification purposes.

One of the biggest advantages it has over traditional passwords is the convenience of use. It is always with you, cannot be stolen or lost, and cannot be forgotten. Biometrics is sure to offer a promising future of cybersecurity.

LoginID is one of the best FIDO-based multifactor authentication solutions that offers frictionless authentication. It addresses online authentication problems by eliminating insecurity around traditional passwords and login methods.

Their fido2 key can solve the traditional password-based authentication problems through standards that ensure security, privacy, convenience and choice, and scalability.

Many organizations have already implemented biometrics authentication for their security systems. If you have yet to do so, it is time to consider as the world slowly moves to passwordless authentication.

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