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Liposuction Cannula

Liposuction equipment, cannula

High-flow suction pumps are used in liposuction and fat grafting.

Gerati offers a wide range of liposuction equipment, including disposable and reusable cannulas, assisted liposuction (vibrators), and tubing. The company also offers cannula and equipment for fat extraction, fat shaping, and fat grafting.

It also has high-flow suction pumps designed to effectively remove water and fat from the body. High-flow suction is important for effectively removing fat while reducing damage to the incision and puncture site of the Liposuction Cannula and reducing bleeding during the procedure.

The company also offers accessories such as high-flow peristaltic infusion pumps/perfusion pumps and cannulas for rapid penetration of liposuction techniques and fat removal sites.

Suction consumables

Non-collapsible high-flow suction tubes; suction bags for 1-, 2- and 3-liter suction vessels, with or without coagulant. sample bottles, stoppers, bacterial filters, overflow bottles, sampling containers, clamps, connecting tubes, and ports

high flow suction pump.

CA.MI Hospivac 400 and Medela Dominant Flexi pumps.

Hospivac 400 high-flow suction pump

The Medela Dominant Flexi high-flow suction pump is a self-contained, fast and efficient electric suction pump specifically designed for the extravasation of body fluids and lipids. Two reusable suction tanks are available with an external conversion system. The reservoirs are available in 1.5 and 2.5-liter bottles and are equipped with suitable disposable suction cases.

Flexi dominant is equipped with a safety system that stops the system if liquid flows back into the pump (which happens if the suction tank is not emptied in time), thus preventing contamination of the system. The dominant Flexi pump is virtually silent, highly efficient, and comes with a two-year warranty.

The CA.MI Hospivac 400 is also a high-flow suction pump with a 2 x 3 liter tank and an overfill safety valve system. The addition of two small overflow bottles protects the pump from contamination due to accidental spillage of liquid. The CA.MI Hospivac 400 is an efficient, effective, and affordable high-flow suction for many surgical procedures, with a two-year warranty.

A small electric suction pump for the office is also available, complete with a 1 L container and suction vessel. A full range of electric or battery-powered suction pumps for anesthesia departments, small outpatient clinics, and other surgical settings is available on request.

Cannula for liposuction

Gladys offers a range of manual liposuction cannulas with sterile, disposable, and reusable handles. Cannula tips are available in a variety of styles including Mercedes, Spatula, Spiral, and Tonnard. The cannulas are available in lengths from 130 mm to 500 mm and widths from 2 mm to 6 mm. For a complete selection of liposuction cannulas, infiltration cannulas, suction hoses, irrigation hoses, and other liposuction accessories, download the 2020 liposuction model catalog (see below).

Servo-assisted grease removal and EVL

Möller Medical’s Liposat workstation is specifically designed for surgeons interested in liposuction and body contouring with high-volume fat transfer, such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and EVL (Expanding Vibratory Lipofilling). Specially designed for surgeons interested in body contouring with the fat transfer of large volumes, e.g. EVL (Extended Vibration Lipofilling).

It is currently the only complete liposuction system with CE certification. It consists of the Vacusat high-flow suction pump, Liposat Pro Plus fluid, and liposuction infusion pump. An optional infusion bag heater is available to keep the fluid and fat at the correct temperature, while an LED display allows for fluid registration, fluid presets, and the superior VibrSat Pro console and handles for alternating liposuction.


Black and Black Surgical manufacture superior Vitruvian manual liposuction cannulas, liposuction cannulas that come in a wide range of tips, widths, and lengths.  All cannulas can be connected to the Vitruvian liposuction handle, Toomey syringe seal, or Luer Lock connector.

The range also includes equipment such as the Vitruvian Tumescent flushing pump, Coleman lubricant transfer cannulas, and Toomey syringes, as well as Dissection V lubricant transfer cannulas.  You can download the full list below.

Sterile Disposable Stainless Steel Liposuction Cannula With Handle

Disposable liposuction cannulas with double handle, sterile, CE marked, polished steel available in a wide range of models and sizes. The cannulas are supplied with a handle that can be easily attached to ALL liposuction hoses, including ST20300 (see below).

LC suction cannulas are available with different types of tips:

Sterile disposable liposuction cannula.

2 holes (one side)

3 holes (one side) 3 holes (Mercedes)

4 holes (one side) (one side) 4 holes (Coleman/Mercedes)

4-hole spatula tip (Toledo) for face and neck liposuction.

24 multi-hole (ideal for use with the Aquavage degreasing system).

For more information, order codes, and descriptions, please see the download section below.

Needle width Needle length

3 mm 130 – 230 mm

4 mm 150 – 280 mm

5 mm 230 – 280 mm

6 mm 280 mm



High vacuum lubrication hoses are available with two easy-to-install soft ends for better connection to suction cups and flasks.

Reference code size

ST 30200, length 200 cm, ∅ 10 mm outside and ∅ 6.2 mm inside. Hose connection ∅ 11,2 mm inner diameter.

ST30300 Length 300cm Length 400cm, ∅ 10mm outside and ∅ 6,2mm inside. Hose connector ∅ 11,2mm inner diameter.

HPF-1780 Length 400 cm, outer diameter ∅ 9 mm and inner diameter ∅ 5,7 mm, with hose connector ∅ 10 mm.