Learn Key Fundraising Strategies Through Metasoft Webinars


Metasoft Systems offers a series of webinars covering various topics to help you meet new challenges in fundraising. Pick and choose what you want to learn.

Detailed presentation of the case for support and all the tools needed to create a compelling case. The case for support is the most important fundraising tool for a non-profit organization. It is the basis for all fundraising strategies and efforts (individual, foundation, government and corporate). This webinar will show you how to develop a case from scratch; how to use it to identify prospective donors and create compelling fundraising documents and appeals; and how to refine it to better respond to the current (and very competitive) philanthropic environment.

Increasing Foundation Grants by Demonstrating the Value of Your Programs

A thorough presentation of how to unlock the value of your organization and its programs and demonstrate your value to foundations. Foundations evaluate non-profit organizations on their performance and their programs’ effectiveness (regardless of the size of the organization). It is imperative that grant seekers frame their programs in a manner that highlights their social impact, measurable outcomes, and how they leverage grant funds to make change. This webinar will help participants unlock the value in what they are doing and set themselves apart from other similar organizations, thereby increasing their chance of receiving foundation grants. We’ll also show you how to position your organization with funders; turn stake holders into advocates; and create bridges to foundations through your own contact network.

The webinar includes a presentation by Greg, an interview of Greg by Metasoft’s Senior Consultant, Shadi Mogadime, and an open question and answer period for webinar participants. You’ll benefit from insider information that you can use immediately to increase the money you raise from foundations

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