Learn How to Deal with the QuickBooks Error 6177

QuickBooks Error 6177
QuickBooks Error 6177

We are already well aware of the fact that the popular accounting application QuickBooks keeps upgrading its software to bring out the best services for its users. However, in some instances, bugs and glitches like QuickBooks Error 6177 disrupt the smooth functioning of the application.

The users get an error message, “QuickBooks is unable to access the company file.” This usually happens if the location of the QuickBooks Company File has been changed. If you are facing the same error without actually modifying the location of the company file, then follow this blog to find out the possible reasons and troubleshooting methods to fix this problem. In case of additional support, contact our support team anytime.

Possible Factors Triggering the 6177 Error in QuickBooks

As we have already talked about the primary cause of this issue in the above section, let’s take a look at the less common factors responsible for the 6177 error in QuickBooks.

  1. Corrupted Company File: Any corruption or damage to the company file may make the file inaccessible, eventually leading to the 6177 error.
  2. Older Version of QuickBooks: If the user has not updated the application to its current version, the online features might not function properly.
  3. Incompatible Settings: If the company file settings don’t allow it to be shared with any other network, then the 6177 error may arise.
  4. Damaged Program Files: If the crucial program files like the .ND file and .TLG files are damaged; unexpected problems like error 6177 might appear as a result.
  5. Database Server Manager Absent: If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not being installed in the system, unwanted errors may occur.
  6. Alternative Location: If the Company file has been moved to an altered location where it gets difficult for the online application to access, the 6177 error may crop up.

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Solving the Company File Error in QuickBooks

Now that we are aware of the possible reasons for the company file error in QuickBooks let’s move on to know the best possible methods to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Change the Location of QuickBooks Installation Files

  • From the C-drive of My Computers, access the QuickBooks Folder. Copy all the files present inside the folder and paste it onto the desktop where they can be easily accessible.
  • Scan the company file using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Now try to access the company file again from the new location to check if the issue is resolved.

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Solution 2: Move the Company File

  • Open the QuickBooks Software and press F2 to find the ‘Product Information.’
  • Follow the path mentioned in the ‘File Information’ section to access the company file.
  • Now copy the company file from this location and paste it into the QuickBooks Folder located in the C-drive of the computer.
  • Try creating a portable QuickBooks file and storing it in local storage. Further, restore this file back to the server.
  • Now try accessing the company file from the new location again.

Summing Up

Even though QuickBooks is a versatile application, bugs like QuickBooks Error 6177 may interfere with the work creating unwanted issues. Hopefully, the solutions explained above will help you fix the issues effectively without any help. But if you need any expert advice, you can dial 1-855-856-0042 for assistance.

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