7 Latest Trends That Must Follow For Printed Boxes Success

printed boxes

Every year, a handful of design trends are introduced to the printed boxes. The core agenda of these trends is simple, i.e., to create a new product experience for the customers. The retail shelves are no longer occupied by the big brands only. Now, hundreds of startups are popping up to give tough competition to companies with plenty of resources. Given the context, you need to beat out this competition to gain repetitive sales and customer loyalty.

This is only possible once you align your packages with contemporary print trends. Here, you can have a look at a bunch of trends that must be followed to create a stand-out impact with your packages.

Gold metallic designs:

Going for a gold metallic design with the packaging boxes is becoming excessively popular. In this design trend, foil printing has been used that stamps a golden foil onto the packages for an exquisite look. The golden foil print on boxes gives your product an expensive and luxurious feel. This latest trend needs your special consideration whenever you are looking to print your packages. It would bring shimmer and shine to the product presentation that is useful to grab the undivided attention of potential clients.

Cyclic design:

Keeping the design aligned to the current and upcoming important events is another trend for the printed gift boxes. This trend calls for you to bring variations in the packaging design according to the changing occasions. Keep an eye on the holidays and other such celebrations that hold importance in your customers’ lives. Then, print the packages to match the theme or speak the language of a particular experience. For instance, printing some red and green color schemes in the packaging design would make it look complacent with the Christmas theme. Make sure you never miss on this trend as it makes your special products relevant to various seasons.

Negative space:

A somewhat more useful trend to remember in subscription box printing is negative or white space. The significance of sticking with this trend is that it creates easy brand recognition. Leaving minimum negative space during the printing of the box may seem tempting. But, it backfires and makes your design look cluttered. Ensuring plenty of white space on the box promises a contrast with the visual design elements like logos, taglines, etc.

Handmade feel:

Packaging designers are artists, and their sense of artistry extends far beyond your imagination. The latest trend that they have introduced in printed mailer boxes is the handmade feel. For this, they either use handwriting skills or creative fonts. This strategy helps them to achieve a handmade look with the packages. As a retail brand, it is pertinent for you to stick with this newly introduced trend when printing on boxes. It will make the project a nostalgic appeal to the target audience and form stronger relations.

Flat illustrations:

Flat graphic style is certainly one of the most famous illustrations seen on the printed mailing boxes last few months. Do not hold on to this trend and instantly modify your packages by incorporating flat illustrations in the design. You can receive multiple benefits from this. As an example, you can match the flat illustrations with the overall brand theme.

According to various festivals and celebrations, they are also easy to change, giving you an added advantage in product presentation. If you lack inspiration, there is nothing wrong with following the suit of your superior brands. But, make sure you come up with your own illustrations that speak for your products as well as your brand.

Ambient colors:

Ambient colors in the design are becoming increasingly uber-trendy. Go back to a few years, and you would understand that there was no strategy behind printing specific color schemes on the packages. But now, the color schemes that are congruent to the branding themes are considered only. Search for the particular emotions that your brand wants to evoke in the target audience. And use color psychology to print down your packages. This will impart an exclusive experience to each of your customers and carve out an identity of your brand.

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is one of the biggest technology trends incorporated into packaging design. It is a highly interactive method of presenting specific details. The packaging professionals are printing the boxes with smart NFC labels and QR codes in this context. Leverage this design trend whenever you are printing your packaging boxes. This will avoid your need to print plenty of text and images to attract the attention of customers. Also, it will drive more traffic to your company’s website.

Seasonal, handmade, and gold metallic are some top design trends for printed boxes. Keeping in the loop with these trends is compulsory for you as they influence product distinctions when the customers are exploring retail aisles.