Know The Purpose Of Curbs And Gutters


Curbs and gutters have become essential parts of road construction, without which the driver’s safety would be put at risk. Curbs and gutters provide the road strength and a sense of safety, making it more durable. Therefore, one can say that it is also the foundation to making the road safer. Today, we will share with you the curb and gutter specifications.

Specifications of Curb and Gutter:

Normally the standard dimensions of the curbs and the gutters are as follows. To make both the variation of curbs in the residential zones, a Curbing Machine is needed.

  • Vertical curves:

Normally the vertical curves are used in the residential zones. This gutter width is 18 inches, while the curb face slope ranges around 12 inches. The thickness of the gutter is 6 inches. The gutter to slop curb face is 1.5 inches, whilst the curb’s back wall is 10 inches. Apart from that, the Curb face height above the flow line is 5 inches.

  • Rolled Curves

The rolled curbs are also installed in the residential zones. The back wall of the curb in height is 12 inches, while the curb top in width is 6 inches. The curb face in height ranges around 6 inches; meanwhile, the curb face slope is 0.5 inches. The curb face and apron radius are to be set at 1 inch while the gutter width is 18 inches, and the thickness has to be 6 inches. Lastly, the gutter slope to the curb face has to be 1.5 inches.

The Construction Procedure Of The Curb And Gutter:

  • Marking and Excavation

The first stage requires one to mark the foundation of the structure. Next, the areas or the path on which the curb and gutter have to be installed have to be marked using the powder. Finally, the proper gradient will be given so that the water should be able to drain off.

The area in which the curb is to be installed has to be excavated. Moreover, the excavated soil has to be stacked away from the site so that all the loose soil and dirt can be removed easily. After that, the team has to mix the concrete and lay it out compactly and properly.

  • Formwork

The second step requires one to use the form to cast the curbs properly. The design of the framework will depend on the type of turn that is to be constructed. One has to install the work properly in alignment. Moreover, the label should be checked with the plumbing layout.

  • Concreting

Now comes the significant part, which needs the intervention of the Concrete Paving Machine. First, the concrete mix has to be placed in the for work. Moreover, it should be compacted properly, ensuring that no voids remain in it. Finally, after the concrete has been hardened, the formwork has to be removed.

  • Curing

After this, the curing procedure will take place. It will be done to achieve the desired strength and durability.

Ending note:

The installation of the curb and gutter will prove the efficiency of the road while centering the debris. It will also lend an aesthetic purpose to the road.