Winner List of KBC Head Office Delhi 2023

KBC Head Office Delhi 2023

If you are searching for data about the KBC Head Office Delhi 2023 Lottery Champ 2023? Assuming this is the case, you’ve come to the perfect location. Assuming that is the situation, you have shown up at the right site. You will want to find the names and contact data for every one of the latest and ongoing victors of KBC beneath. You’ll likewise have the option to find your name in this part. You will get a far-reaching comprehension of the KBC Lottery Victor 2023 by perusing this article.

Easy Way to  KBC Head Office Check Winner List:

You will find in this article how to check the aftereffects of your KBC Head Office Delhi 2023 lottery in just two minutes. Admirers of the Kaun Banega Crorepati game show, we are satisfied to declare that the KBC Lottery Victor 2023 will be reported in a shiny new organization. Support in the KBC Lottery 2023 can now be had without first enlisting. KBC has presented an exceptional technique for jobs, and it is associated with all SIM organizing firms. In the year 2023, your SIM cards will as of now be placed into the KBC Fortunate Draw. To continue, you should simply give the gave KBC Administrative centre Number 19197097959 a speedy bring-over WhatsApp.

Most Recent Winner:

The latest victor of the KBC lottery in 2023 was recognized as Mr Sushant Rai, who brought back home an award of 25 lakhs. This data was given by Kaun Banega Crorepati. Continuously visit the KBC Official Site, which can be found, or call the KBC Official Number, to safeguard yourself from any tricks. You should be keeping watch for trick calls if you end up being the fortunate victor of the KBC lottery 2023.

To start, you should never place your confidence in anybody who reaches you by an obscure call or instant message and demands cash. If the guest demands you to send reserves for personal expenses or other indistinct expenses, this is a fake and you ought to hang up right away. Second, you give no delicate data to the rascal who called you about the lottery. Assuming you get a call from a bogus number, the KBC lottery division gives a particular hotline number that you can dial to get help.

KBC Jackpot Champ Subtleties:

The champ’s rundown is currently accessible for KBC fans to see completely on the authority site, which they can get to now. Champs of the KBC Big stake have their slip-ups cleared and are granted the forthcoming award. You can get help with How to Check the KBC Lottery Online by visiting the Authority Site of KBC. You will be given your latest KBC Lottery Number by the agent of the KBC when you telephone them, and you can likewise make sure that number in the authority data set is kept up with by the KBC. In this way, keep up with correspondence with the KBC Group.

In the game Kaun Banega Crorepati, you are very nearly winning 1,000,000 bucks and turning into a crorepati. Consequently, promptly call the Helpline to get your lottery number and pursue the KBC Fortunate Draw 2023. To get your lottery number and register for the KBC Fortunate Draw 2023, you ought to telephone the KBC Helpline Line.

KBC Lotto Winning 2023 Rundown 25 Lakhs Today:

We are satisfied to furnish you with the accompanying rundown, which subtleties every one of the people that won the KBC Lotto in 2023. Coming up next is a rundown of every individual that scored that sweepstakes in the year 2023. If you are a victor of the KBC, your name will be kept in this rundown of lucky people. Calling the KBC Administrative centre is something you can do assuming that you have any issues concerning this KBC Sim Card Fortunate Draw victor list 2023.

KBC Lottery Number Winner List 2023:

1: Mr Laxman Raj, 25,00,000, 8991, 987******879
2: Mr Birju Bhai, 25,00,000, 98800, 878******214
3: Mr. Lakhwinder Singh, 25,00,000, 98810, 658******004
4: Mr Ranveer Gupta, 25,00,000, 0044, 698******475
5: Ms Pooja Kumari, 25,00,000, 89912, 775******100
6: Ms Arya Singh, 25,00,000, 1122, 998******400
7: Ms Bhavna Patil, 25,00,000, 89910, 786******547
8: Sushant Rai, 25,00,000, 89915,  888******420
9: Dilpreet Singh Dhillon, 25,00,000, 89911, 957******100
10: Mr Charan Das, 25,00,000, 0150, 666******333