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Share some JNCIA-MistAI JN0-251 exam questions and answers below.
The Mist help menu provides direct access to which two features? (Choose two.)
A.hardware updates
B.company updates
C.feature updates
D.firmware updates
Answer: C, D

You just received the newest Mist AP and want to enable a feature that is only available at this time on Release Candidate 1.
In this scenario, using the Mist GUI, where would you determine which version of Release Candidate 1 is available for your AP?
A.Support Tickets and Documentation -> Feature Updates
B.Support Tickets and Documentation -> Ports & Endpoints
C.Support Tickets and Documentation -> Mist Edge Updates
D.Support Tickets and Documentation -> Firmware Updates
Answer: D

Users are complaining about WLAN performance and the Mist dashboard reports non-Wi-Fi interference.
Which diagnostics tool would you use to further investigate this issue on-site and determine the location of the interference?
A.spectrum analyzer
B.protocol analyzer
C.wireless design software
D.WLAN scanner
Answer: A

Which two statements about the Mist UI are true? (Choose two.)
A.It can initiate a wireless packet capture.
B.It can initiate a wired packet capture.
C.It can initiate a BLE packet capture.
D.It can initiate a packet capture on cloud uplink.
Answer: A, B

You want to determine where you have coverage issues in your network using Marvis Actions.
Which Marvis Action category should you use in this situation?
Answer: A

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