Is there a link between a vegan diet and lower alcohol tolerance?


“I entered rehab the sickest and most depressed I had ever been in my life. Within a year, I had become the healthiest and most connected version of myself I had ever been,” Sud said about his experience with plant-based diets. Due to lax labeling requirements, manufacturers rarely list ingredients. As such, you should check the product for a vegan icon or contact the manufacturer directly if you’re still unsure.

While they weren’t raving on the specifics of their diet, the control group who ate standard, regular meals still reported increased energy among other positive outcomes. Many people struggling with active addiction don’t properly nourish their bodies and often prioritize substances over food. Adam Sud, the project leader of The INFINITE Study, has dedicated his career to understanding the relationship between nutrition and mental health.

Study results show improved mental health

Heavy drinking is repeatedly poisoning yourself, including your brain. More recent studies have confirmed the findings of previous decades. Moderate drinking protects against heart attacks. The positive benefit maxes out at three drinks per day. During the brewing process, beer has to be clarified. Brewers also use animal products such as gelatin or isinglass.

plant based diet for alcohol recovery

“When people see how much I eat they can’t really believe that I’ve managed to lose weight. If I didn’t exercise I don’t think I’d be this hungry but being alcohol-free and plant-based means I can pretty much eat whatever I want and keep the weight off. While following a plant-based diet, she ditched alcohol, and says she has transformed into a healthy, happy, strong, thriving nomadic entrepreneur. Here are my top 5 non-nutrition factors affecting quality of life, plus practical tips for a more satisfying life.

Can Vegans Eat Hummus?

I chose to create my own 30-day plus booze-free with a plant-based lifestyle as a foundation. One Year No Beer offers 28 Day, 90 Day, 365 Day challenges if you are looking for a more structured process. She Recovers is a remarkable international organization for women in all stages of recovery. If you are having a tough time, you can reach out to someone in their Facebook group for support. The Rich Roll Podcast was an absolute gem when it came to finding resources for learning more about a plant-based lifestyle and the recovery process. Through his interviews, I was introduced to Dr. Gabor Mate, David Goggins, Johann Hari, John Joseph McGowan, and Tommy Rosen.

So I decided to quit by myself and break it down into small manageable tasks. In February of that year, I found myself homesick with pneumonia. I came across Rich Roll and his book Finding Ultra.

What Is a Plant Based Diet

The most prominent, most immediate benefit of adopting a plant-based diet during drug recovery is the fact that it quickly replenishes your body’s stockpile of nutrients. Plants, from apples to zucchini, are packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and much more. And after two weeks I felt better inside and looked better outside.

If I did survive, would I have to live with permanent damage to my brain or organs? I brushed off my brother’s suggestion, instead trying supplements, Bulletproof coffee, keto, and other diets that ultimately led me down a darker path. My weight went up and down as I tried all these different methods for weight loss.

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However, in the long run, it worked for me and I wouldn’t change it. There is still a lot of stigma and shame attached to addiction and recovery, especially for women. I have chosen to recover out loud, so I may offer support and share resources with women in all stages of recovery. Those nutrients play a crucial role in reversing the damage done to your body. Better nutrition will also increase your willpower, energy levels, and boost your mood. On another level, moderate drinking can be neutral or healthy.

  • My weight went up and down as I tried all these different methods for weight loss.
  • Some would argue that alcohol cannot raise lifespan.
  • The reality is that any focus on your nutrition during treatment and recovery will likely provide some benefits.
  • I committed to making a whole-food, plant-based diet a permanent fixture in my life.

Fill in your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Plant-based foods are full of fiber which helps your body maintain a stable alcohol recovery diet blood sugar level, which helps curb alcohol cravings. Additionally, these foods help support your immune system and protect your liver.

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The molecules are completely natural, and won’t harm you if you drink them – however, many people prefer a clearer, smoother wine. I’m deeply grateful to the company that I work for, my friends, my girlfriend, and my family. With their love and support, I’ve journeyed from the lowest point in my life to the highest. A week later, on Sunday, Oct. 20, I went to pick up dinner from a local Turkish restaurant. As I put my credit card back into my wallet after paying, my left arm started to shake uncontrollably. One out of three adult Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure) and nearly 20% do not even know it.

plant based diet for alcohol recovery

But Rohini Bajekal, nutritionist at Plant Based Health Professionals, says this isn’t the case. “There is zero scientific evidence to support this,” Bajekal says of the notion that going vegan lowers your alcohol tolerance. Since many people get their protein through animal sources, going plant-based may then make you wonder where to get protein from. Not to worry, though, as there are plenty of plant-based protein sources. These include oatmeal, chickpeas, beans, nuts, green peas and lentils, to name a few. One study participant said staying disciplined with the plant-based diet showed them they could maintain healthy habits, which boosted their confidence and self-image.