Is a Distance Degree Valid for State and Central Government Jobs?

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Most students in India want to pursue higher studies and hold a degree that can help them apply for a government job. However, not many can continue studying a full-time course in a conventional manner because of financial constraints and family responsibilities. They have no option other than working, besides their studies. So, distance education course is ideal for such students.

Know that you are eligible for state and central government jobs if you have a distance degree. You can even appear for civil services examinations with a degree you obtain after completing a distance education program. Read further to understand whether you can sit for government exams after completing a course at one of the best distance learning colleges.

Central and State Government Consider Distance Degree Valid

Central Government

It is a must to sit for an entrance exam and clear it if you wish to pursue a central government job. However, you can only give such exams when you meet the eligibility criteria. Submitting your highest qualifications certificate is a must when applying for a central government job entrance examination.

You are eligible to appear for these tests if you have a distance degree, which is considered equivalent to a regular academic degree. So, if you hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from a distance college or University, you have to submit it along with the application form to qualify for giving a central government job entrance test.

State Government

One of the eligibility requirements for the candidates who apply for a state government job is to submit proof of the highest qualifications. The Indian state government does not restrict an applicant from appearing for the job entrance examination based on the mode of learning. Therefore, besides a regular degree, one can apply with a degree obtained from one of the government-approved distance learning colleges.

Central and State governments evaluate aspirants based on their performance in the entrance examinations. Thus, they are least concerned about giving more priority to students with regular bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Your focus has to be scoring high marks in the state and central government job entrance tests and acing the interview to bag the coveted government job.

Civil Services Examination

You can apply for civil services examinations if you have a distance degree. Moreover, you are also eligible to appear for state or national-level competitive exams with a similar degree which is considered equivalent to regular academic degrees.

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