Intuit data protect has stopped working: A complete guide!

Intuit data protect has stopped working
Intuit data protect has stopped working

QuickBooks users can protect their essential data from corruption or loss with the help of Intuit data protect. Sometimes, users experience trouble securing their data. They can experience the ‘Intuit data protect has stopped working’ error then. Data is essential for QuickBooks businesses, so it is equally important to secure your data. Intuit Data Protect is a program that secures and keeps your data protected. With the help of this blog guide, you will be able to learn how to resolve this error in your QB.

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What triggers the ‘Intuit data protect script error’?

  • Check your IDP login information because it can also be the reason for this error.
  • IDP settings that have not been appropriately configured may be to blame for this error.
  • The ‘Intuit data protect script’ error could be caused when you fail to adhere to the company file character limit.
  • If Intuit Data Protect is not fully installed on your desktop, the error message may display on your screen.
  • An out-of-date IDP or QB application could bring on the error.
  • This error can show up when your firewall limits access to the internet and interrupts the IDP.

Some signs of the Intuit data protect error

  • The QuickBooks will stop working due to this error.
  • This error will result in backup failure.
  • The backups will be missing or insufficient.

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How to rectify the Intuit data protect login error?

Following are some fixes. Follow them step by step to eliminate the ‘Intuit data protect login’ error from your system.

Solution 1: Incorporate IDP files in the firewall

  • Type ‘firewall.cpl’ and press the Enter key after pressing the Windows + R keys. Go to the menu and then choose Allow an app via firewall.
  • Select the Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit\Data Protect folder, then choose the Allow another app option.
  • Click open after selecting QBIDPservice.exe. Now select the private checkbox under the network types option.
  • Select Add and then adhere to the directions to add the intuitdataprotect.exe file.

Solution 2: Try to alter the name of the company file

  • Verify that the file names for the company files you’re trying to backup don’t contain more characters than allowed.
  • If the file name is longer than the number of characters, consider renaming the file. Attempt taking backup now.

Concluding the blog!

We have provided the brief about the ‘Intuit data protect has stopped working‘ error. You can talk to our experts for any further information about this error. Call them on 1.855.738.2784 directly and ask for their help fixing this error if you cannot rectify it. You can also put all your queries about the error to our experts and resolve them quickly.

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